Oleg G.

Software Developer

Chisinau, MOLDOVA
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My experience


Manufacturing Efficiency and Quality Improver in the Electronic IndustrySeptember 2019 - Present

  • Requirements analysis and detailsclarification with the client.
  • Environment definition.
  • Estimation.
  • Architecture design.
  • Defining development strategy.
  • Creating prototypes.
  • Software development.
  • Manual testing.
  • Writing project documentation.
  • Delivering solutions via automatic CI pipelines, namely Jenkins.
  • Using project management tools, namely JIRA.

Cedacri InternationalSeptember 2011 - August 2019

Software Developer / Team Leader within a company that provides software and business process outsourcing services to banking sector clients.
  • Developing a set of tools for processing, analyzing and aggregating the data packages received from different banks.
    - Analyzingthe existing core and the business logic.
    - Redesigningand rewritingthe core and all the additional tools, from Java into C++.
  • Designing and developing a set of tools in C++ for processing, reading, and saving data from/into different data sources.
  • Maintaining and developing new modules for the company's internal project management system.
    - Developing a system for monitoring suspicious money transactions that involve money laundering.
    - Designing and developing the presentation layer.
  • Designing and developing a part of the business logic layer using the company's framework.
    - Optimizing all the T-SQL queries.
  • Developing a set of tools, in order to automate the process of digitization and indexingthe paper documents.
    - Migration from Kofax to 4Service Solution framework.
    - Designing the workflows.
    - Developing the custom processes.
  • Maintaining and developing the new modules for a transaction monitoring system.
  • Developing a set of web services (wcf,asmx), in order to process and query data from different data sources.
  • Developing a set of aspx web pages for an electronic insurance system.
    - Integrating the developed aspx web pages into the existing system elaborated in the classic asp technology.
  • Developing a series of MVC modules for a system of risk assessment in the banking field.
  • Developing and maintaining the internal human resources management system, tasks and time for the department of BPO.

SCMI GrupDecember 2007 - September 2011

Software Developer for a technological world leader in processing a wide variety of materials: wood, plastic, glass, stone, metal and composites.
  • Designing and developing an inventory management system of spare parts.
    - Designing and developing the database, workflow and business logic.
  • Designing and developing an electronic catalog of production units and spare parts.
    - Developing the catalog as an integrated module of the inventory management system.
    - Designing the database, workflow and business logic.

FinTehInformFebruary 2006 - November 2007

Software Developer for a company that focuses on creation and maintenance of software, network, server, database and LAN/WAN architectural solutions, planning and implementation, government branch software.
  • Developing a tool in order to automate the process of analyzing the received email.
    - Using business logic and GUI.
  • Developing the information system "Auditor" for Financial Control Service and Revision.
    - Designing a system for storing, analyzing and processing all data captured during inspections.
    - Designing and developing the database, workflow and business logic.

Transservice-MJuly 2005 - October 2005

Software Developer for a company that provides transportation services.
  • Developing a document storage system.
    - Designing the database, business logic and workflow.
  • Developing a tool for automatic e-mail extraction and visualization.
    - Integrating the COM+ developed a library into Outlook by using Delphi 5.

My stack

Spoken languages

ROMANIAN: Native speaker
ENGLISH: Average
RUSSIAN: Advanced
ITALIAN: Advanced

Networks and Systems



Autofac, .NET, ADO.NET, .NET 4.5, Entity Framework 6, ADODB


C#, C/C++, JavaScript, SQL, VB.NET, T-SQL, PL/SQL

Analysis Methods and Tools


Environment of Development

TortoiseSVN, GIT


Oracle, MySQL

Web Technologies

AJAX, jQuery, Bootstrap, ASP.NET, Web Services, Newtonsoft.Json


Jenkins, Jira

Computer Tools

MS Office



My education and trainings

Master's Degree in Networks, Digital Communications and Management - Technical University of Moldova.2005 - 2006

Bachelor's Degree in Informational Systems and Computers, Information Technologies - Technical University of Moldova.2001 - 2005

My tests

.NET C# 4.0 Developer quiz medium level
C# 6.0 quiz medium level
.NET 3.5 WPF quiz medium level