Vlad-Alexandru D.

Software Developer

Bucharest, ROMANIA
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My experience

A Leadership Development and Executive Coaching Expertise ProviderAugust 2020 - Present


SkillValueDecember 2017 - August 2020

Front-End Developer.
  • Attending Scrum ceremonies.
  • Establishing the future sprint's goals.
  • Development of features.
  • Debugging code using the Chrome Tools and WebStorm's debugger.
  • Unit testing.
  • Fixing vulnerabilities.
  • Hosting demos for the client and mini-demos for the PO.
  • Following up with the PO in order to finely tune features to match customer needs.
  • Proposing models and improving the overall architecture of the project.
  • Maintaining and upgrading the application framework to the latest versions.
  • Optimizing application compilation times.
  • Identifying and applying Clean Code practices.
  • Following up with QA and proposing bug templates for JIRA.
  • Maintaining and offering technical debt visibility by tracking software-specific issues.
  • Writing automated tests using an in-house mini framework with Python, ChromeDriver, and Selenium.
  • Engaging the QA department into writing automated tests and teaching them basic Python.
  • Finding new solutions for executing automated tests faster using Cypress.
  • Setting up and constantly improving the docker-compose configuration for builds.
  • Debugging server related issues.
  • Contributed to a mini application that handles login and signup using VueJS.
  • Attended meetings with developers where we settled how to tackle technical debt.
  • Interviewing potential candidates for any open front-end position in the team.
  • Building isolated features in the Django back-end framework.
  • Medium for handling technical communications between the client's teams.
  • Handled some of the SEO related issues.
  • Consulting with the DevOps team to address server related issues.

Specialist in Real-Time Market IntelligenceOctober 2014 - November 2017

Front-End Developer.
  • Development of SPA Web Applications based on AngularJS.
  • Development of new components and features for the existing applications.
  • Web application UI improvement.
  • Bug tracking and fixing.
  • Web application testing.
  • Communication with the client in order to identify and propose technical solutions according to the functional specifications.
  • Meetings and status reports.

Digital Marketing SpecialistMarch 2016 - June 2017

Front-End Developer.
  • Improving the existing AngularJS Web Application.
  • Bug tracking and fixing.
  • Web application testing.
  • Communication with the client in order to identify and propose technical solutions according to the functional specifications.
  • Meetings and status reports.

BlueFox IOJune 2016 - March 2017

Front-End Developer.
  • Development of a SPA Web Application based on AngularJS.
  • Design of the User Interface for the application.
  • Conceiving the Widget Design.
  • Bug tracking and fixing.
  • Web application testing.
  • Communication with the client in order to identify and propose technical solutions according to the functional specifications.
  • Meetings and status reports.
  • Optimization of the application lifecycle.

WebMagnatAugust 2009 - October 2014

Front-End Developer within a company specialized in web design, providing advertising services and managing advertising campaigns for several important companies.
  • Slice design based on the received layouts (newsletters, Facebook pages, mobile sites, web sites).
  • Ensuring that all signaled technical problems were dealt with accordingly; quality control of the websites developed by the team.
  • Performing presentations on front-end frameworks such as Foundation and Twitter Bootstrap; development of two applications using these frameworks.
  • Animating training sessions on front-end technologies within the company.
  • Active participation in every brainstorming session organized for identifying innovative solutions to promoting the company and its products.
  • Installation of a Linux CentOS server including all required services (MySQL, PHP, Apache) used for testing the websites under development internally and for file exchanges within the internal network.
  • Creation of an automated backup system through FTP for all the sites hosted on the company's servers.

Participation in the development of several projects:

- Roofing simulator for a company specialized in metal roofing tiles;
- Online store dedicated to the fashion industry;
- Presentation websites;
- Website describing the services and offers of a real estate agency in Berlin.

SeptimaStudioFebruary 2008 - January 2009

Front-End Developer within an offshore web design agency.
  • Layout design based on the briefs received from the client.
  • Layout slicing and implementation in the interface code.
  • In charge of ensuring that the deadlines and project requirements are met.

EDUCATUS MEDIASeptember 2006 - June 2008

Front-End Developer and Team Leader within a company specialized in creating web sites, web, graphic and Flash applications to clients from the United Kingdom.
  • Creating the briefs for each project.
  • Development of the front-end layouts approved by the client.
  • Development of a project monitoring and administration system in collaboration with other team members.

My stack

Spoken languages

SPANISH: Average
ROMANIAN: Native speaker
GERMAN: Beginner
FRENCH: Average
ENGLISH: Advanced

Environment of Development

Jenkins CI, Sublime Text, WebStorm, Visual Studio, GIT, SVN, Visual Studio Professional, Visual Studio Code

Application Servers

Thin, WHM, cPanel, Nginx, IIS


MongoDB, MySQL

Web Technologies

Foundation, HTML5, HTML, jQuery, CSS, CSS3, Bootstrap, Underscore.js, Bower, Node.js, GSAP, NPM, Angular 2-10, Highcharts, Gulp.js, Padrino, RxJS, Vue.js


Ruby, XML, JavaScript, TypeScript, PHP, C#

Open Source solutions

OpenCart, Magento, WordPress


Axure, Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch

Networks and Systems

Windows, Linux, Ubuntu, CentOS, Mac OS X

My education and trainings

Studies in Business Management, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration - "Alexandru Ioan Cuza" University, Iasi.2015 - 0

Studies in Computer Science - "Garabet Ibraileanu" Theoretical Highschool, Iasi.2004 - 2008

My tests

English language quiz C1
Website optimization quiz medium level
English language placement quiz
OOP quiz medium level
Adobe Photoshop quiz medium level
Python 3 quiz beginner level