Victor C.

Software Developer

16 years
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My experience


Mobile Data CompanyJanuary 2018 - Present

Mobile Developer.
  • Developing plugins for SDK Android & iOS integration for Xamarin, Cordova, Adobe AIR, Unity.
  • Micro-service back-enddevelopment.
  • Android development.
  • Continuous integration & deployment.
  • AWS.
  • Gitflow.
  • Unit testing.

Specialist in field intervention management IT solutionsFebruary 2016 - January 2018

  • Application development and implementation according to the technical and functional specifications of the client.
  • Bug fixing in order to ensure that the developed features function according to the required parameters and specifications.
  • Unit testing for the developed features.
  • Automation tests for the developed features.

Software PublisherOctober 2015 - February 2016

Android Developer.
  • Analysis of the project specifications.
  • Application development and implementation according to technical and functional specifications.
  • Providing estimations on the features to be developed and implemented in the application.
  • Proposal of
    appropriate technical solutions, adapted to the client's needs,
    following the best practices and using the latest technologies in the
  • Bug fixing in order to ensure that the developed applications function according to the required parameters.

Specialist of the equipment intended for commercial spacesJune 2014 - September 2015

  • Maintenance on the source code of over 20 applications. The applications make up an ERP software with various modules ranging from accounting to production and logistics with an Oracle database of over 80GB.
  • Development of new software features according to client specifications.
  • Optimization and patching of current source code.
  • Database design and development according to software and client specifications.
  • Working with tables, views, stored procedures and indexes; writing stored procedures and functions.
  • Design of new features and creation of tables to accommodate the client needs.
  • Performing query and index optimization.
  • Maintaining the database documentation.
  • Providing database solutions to client business (implemented the business logic/analysis).
  • Keeping client technical documentation up-to-date.
  • Discussion with the client to decide on the best technical solution to be implemented in order to meet the necessary demands.

Programator - TOTALGAZOctober 2005 - June 2014

Developer within a company specialized in manufacturing equipment and facilities provided for the production, shipment and distribution of natural gas.
  • Software development in support of the company's activities using .NET.
  • Development of Delphi components DLLs, packages, web services and intraweb as required.
  • Database design, development and maintenance; provision of automated backup solutions.

Participation in the development of several projects:
- ERP software for the company. The ERP system has a modular structure: logistics, purchasing, financial-accounting, production and warehousing. The application is a desktop one with possibilities of access from mobile and pocket PC. From the mobile devices only a few features are available. The application has client/server architecture and is built with a Firebird database server (SQL dialect 3). It now has over 250 users simultaneously connecting to the database. Application planning, developing and user interaction:
The implementation process has the following route: problem raised by the user – discussion with the user to meet the necessary demands - discussion with the team - presenting and implementing the solution – checking if the solution meets the initial user demands.
  • Database design, development and maintenance; provision of automated backup solutions.
  • Development of the user interface.
  • Implementation of a Client/Server architecture.

Part of the database was ported to SQL Server 2008. Actively involved in the database development.
  • Query and index optimization.
  • Writing tables/stored procedures.
  • Involvement in the business analysis of the ERP processes.

- Financial-accounting applications.
  • Development of the stock and salary modules.
  • Implementation of a wireless .NET solution for querying stocks, using Pocket PC platform.
  • Development of a stock inventory application for Pocket PC in C#, using Firebird database.
  • Development of a mobile application for querying stocks, written in Delphi XE5 with FireMonkey.
  • Client/server architecture with a Firebird database as endpoint and web-services as transport.

Personal Commercial Applications:

- IT System used for managing the activities of Mutual Associations. The application allows users to ensure the logistics of the members' files, monitor daily and monthly proceeds and payments, manage loan agreements and guarantors, providing a rapid and accurate identification of the defaulted debtors. Apart from adding and modifying loans, the system allows as well to adjust interest rate calculation methods, payment frequency, minimum and maximum amount to be paid or the payment deadlines and add new guarantors. Guarantors may or may not have the status of members of the association. A particular importance is given to the monitoring of guarantors for each loan (minimum/maximum number of guarantors, number of credits for each guarantor, possible outstanding payments or financial risks). The system sends notifications each time a loan is not paid within the established deadline. Each loan and member are given a score based on the person's financial situation, an evidence of previous loans, as well as potential outstandings. One of the most important clients has over 20.000 members. The database contains over 150 tables and over 200 stored procedures.
  • Database design, development and maintenance.
  • Development of the user interface.
  • Implementation of a Client/Server architecture.
  • Use of Delphi components: DevExpress, LMD, Interbase (assured database connectivity).

- Application for flat/building management. The application deals with invoices and expenses management, calculation of penalties and water/waste/electricity consumption. At the end of each month it creates expense lists for each flat. It also has customizable reports and various data export features. The application tracks automatically the invoices and penalties for each flat and supplier. The database contains over 70 tables and over 100 stored procedures.
  • Database design, development and maintenance.
  • Development of the user interface.
  • Implementation of a Client/Server architecture.
  • Use of Delphi components: Devexpress, LMD, Interbase (assured database connectivity).

Personal Projects:
- Summarizer - a software application used for automatically summarizing a text written in Romanian, using Delphi and Firebird database.
  • Implementation of a Bayesian classifier and use of several stored procedures for the statistical analysis of the text.
  • Implementation of a series of linguistics and mathematics algorithms such as Cosine Similarity, Levenshtein Distance etc.

- Frequency List - a software used for the statistical analysis of text corpora using Delphi and Firebird database.
  • Implementation of a series of stored procedures.
  • Creation of an application version without using the software database.

- RoQA - Question-answer system for Romanian language in which the user can define his corpus of documents and the type of question to which the system should provide a response. The application was developed in Delphi with Firebird database.
  • Use of multithreading techniques.
  • Database design - stored procedures and triggers.

- Diacritics - Software for automatic diacritics correction for Romanian language. The user loads/inputs a text without diacritics and the algorithm automatically detects and inserts the correct diacritic markers.
  • Use of PPM algorithm (Prediction by partial matching).

- LangDetect - Software for automatic language recognition given any piece of text. Currently, the application supports English, Romanian, French, Spanish and German. 
  • Implementation of a series of statistical algorithms.

My education and trainings

Master's Degree in Computational Linguistics, Faculty of Computer Science - "Alexandru Ioan Cuza" University, Iasi.2005 - 2007

Bachelor's Degree in Foreign Languages and Literature - French and English, Faculty of Letters - "Alexandru Ioan Cuza" University, Iasi.2001 - 2005