Dung P.

Software Developer

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My experience


Datasection VietnamSeptember 2014 - Present

Technical Lead / Developer within a company that provides to its customers data crawl and social media analysis services.

I. Technical Lead.

Participation in a project aiming the development of a pack of tools, in order to monitor the data about new topics on the internet, every day.
- The project had 3 phases: data collection and storage, data mining and data visualization over the website.The searching and visualization phases were made based on Web Core.
  • Discussing about the data collection.
  • Implementation and daily automatic research on the store of several data.
  • Solving and building the website barebone with Spring source.
II. Developer.

Participation in a project aiming to build natural language processing tools for the Vietnamese market.
- The tools include detach sentence, word-meaning classification, tagging.
  • Researching and defining the algorithms.
  • Tool development and verification of the algorithms.
  • Building tools with Java Core.

DeNA HanoiJanuary 2012 - August 2014

Sysadmin / Server Side Developer / Client Side Developer within a company that develops and operates a broad range of mobile and online services including games, e-commerce and entertainment content distribution.

I. Sysadmin.

Participation in a project for implementing, configuring and monitoring the activity of a game server for the Japanese company.
- The system used the infrastructure of AWS with CentOS.
  • Installation and configuration of the system service.
  • Installation of a tool for monitoring and optimizing the hardware performance.
  • Analysis of the log file in order to optimize the system.

II. Server Side Developer.

Participation in a project aiming to build and develop a mobile game.
- The server side used REST protocol to communicate with the client. The game was published worldwide.
  • Researching and applying the REST protocol for the mobile platform.
  • Working on the server side based on Play framework (one of the best REST frameworks).
  • Use of Memcached to store the temporal data in order to speed up the system.
  • Use of Hibernate to transfer data between Play framework with MySQL.
III. Client Side Developer.

Participation in a project aiming to operate and translate the language for two games.
- The client side supposed the porting process (language translation) as well as the development of new features for the upcoming game events.
  • Searching and translating the language of the game client. 
  • Building a new map (a world map) for the upcoming event of the game.
  • In charge of fixing the UI issues during the porting (language translation) process of the game.

My stack

Spoken languages

ENGLISH: Average
VIETNAMESE: Native speaker


JAVA, PHP, JavaScript, JAVA 8, SQL, Perl

Open Source solutions

Play Framework

Analysis Methods and Tools



JEE, Spring, Hibernate, J2SE, JDBC, Spring 4


Redis, MongoDB, MySQL


Machine Learning

Web Technologies

AWS, HTML5, HTML4, CSS, CSS3, AJAX, REST, Bootstrap, Amazon Web Services, jQuery

Networks and Systems

Ubuntu, CentOS, Cacti, Windows, Nagios, Linux, Mac OS X

Application Servers

Apache Tomcat, ElasticSearch, Memcached

Environment of Development

NetBeans, Eclipse, Maven, GIT, SVN

My education and trainings

Bachelor's Degree in Science, University of Engineering and Technology - Vietnam National University, Hanoi.2008 - 2012