Giang N.

Software Developer

5 years
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My experience


Samsung Vietnam R&D CenterJanuary 2016 - Present

Back-End Developer within the largest R&D hub which conducts research on artificial intelligence (AI), data intelligence, robot, next-generation communications & visual technology, Tizen, and security.
  • Maintaining and developing new projects.
  • Deploying with Jenkins, Tomcat.
  • Coordinating with HQ PM.
I. Samsung Tool Hub (place to store, find and upload employee tools):
  • Developing a back-end tool hub using Java and MongoDB, login with JWT.
  • Developing text search using logical and/or, statistics.
  • Working on users management.
  • Developing a standard procedure for employees who want to produce their own tools.
  • Raise ideas, implement, release.
II. Continuous Integration Analysis (providing a tool for testers to test Samsung products):
  • Developing back-end using Java and MySql.
  • Loggingin with JWT.
  • Syncing and managing a multitude of model versions.
  • Integrating with other build systems to construct a specific binary to test.
  • Integrating with other systems to figure out pass and fail test cases.
III. Samsung Developer (global
  • Logging in with Samsung Account Oauth2.
  • Creating request authority form for the users who want to operate the newest SDKs from Samsung.
  • Developing logging in process for all download items (managers who can turn on/off in real time).
  • Collecting user information and statistic data for site renewal.
  • Building in different platforms.
IV. Samsung Remote Test Lab (global
  • SSO with Samsung Developer.
  • Making Samsung Remote Test Lab internal site by migrating the global one.
  • Listing migrating tasks.
  • Moving to a new infrastructure (OpenShift).
  • Upgrading framework and related libraries.
  • Migrating from Oracle to Mariadb (tables, data, functions, native queries).
  • Configuring a high availability for the internal site.
V. Samsung Devportal Admin:
  • Administrating the site of Samsung Developer, and Samsung Remote Test Lab.
  • Doing statistics and analyzing data reports for custom requests.
  • Developing authorization module for Samsung Remote Test Lab.
  • Sending monthly newsletters
  • Developing back-end using Java and MySQL, session login.
  • Making improvements for sending faster emails.

My education and trainings

Major in Telecommunication Engineering, Posts and Telecommunications Institute of Technology.2012 - 2017