Bianca-Ancuta V.


11 years
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My experience

A Leadership Development and Executive Coaching Expertise ProviderJune 2020 - Present


Modern Luxury Hotels ChainMarch 2020 - April 2020

  • Manual testing, including web testing (using BrowserStack in order to check as many test environments as possible), Black-Box testing, exploratory testing, usability testing.
  • Executing tests according to the test plan.
  • Identifying and reporting defects.
  • Tracking and retesting defects.
  • DB SQL queries.
  • Performing analysis of system requirements and technical specifications.
  • Participating in daily meetings and working closely with the developers, Scrum Master and Product Owner.

Car DealershipAugust 2019 - March 2020

  • Manual
  • Identifying,
    and reviewing test cases based on the specifications.
  • Executing
    according to the test plan.
  • Building
  • Identifying
    reporting defects.

  • Tracking and retesting defects.

  • Communication
    the development team.


  • Manual
  • Executing
    according to the test plan.
  • Communication
    the development team.

Provider of regional banking services and products within all domains of activitySeptember 2018 - June 2019

  • Applying knowledge of testing processes, testing techniques, and the Agile methodology.
  • Creating test cases.
  • Reporting bugs.
  • Analyzing system requirements and technical specifications to create and execute test scenarios.
  • Understanding the business.
  • Strong collaboration and communication with the team.
  • Manual testing for web, desktop and mobile applications.

iQuestNovember 2016 - September 2018

Accounting Assistant within an independent IT services group, delivering an extensive portfolio of customized software solutions.
  • Registering the internal and external delegation accounts from one of the company's programs.
  • Registering and paying bills for transportation, accommodation, meals and other items purchased during delegations.
  • Keeping the daily record of cash management transactions.
  • Paying invoices (cash transactions).
  • Manual registration of transactions from account statements.
  • Checking the balance for certain entries of the account plan.
  • Invoicing costs to the client.

BRDFebruary 2011 - November 2016

Advisor for Small and Medium Enterprises / Client Advisor for one of the Romanian banking sector leaders, in the Banking Cards Department.

Advisor for Small and Medium Enterprises.
  • Analyzing the market and creating the client portfolio.
  • Renewing client portfolios with newly attracted companies.
  • Preparing and analyzing loan files.
  • Analyzing financial statements.
  • Calculating financial ratios.
  • Establishing the financial performance and the lending possibilities of each client.
  • Overseeing risks and optimizing the profitability of relations.
Client Advisor.
  • Developing relationships with clients from the portfolio.
  • Obtaining client loyalty through the quality of the products and services.
  • Selling bank products and services, pursuing commercial objectives.
  • Periodically checking the increase of accounts’ turnover to existing customers by suggesting new personalized products and services.
  • Preparing and analyzing loan files.
  • Analyzing documents and financial statements.
  • Loan agreement and tracking the quality of the loan portfolio.
  • Contacting the clients from the portfolio.
  • Writing and transmitting periodical reports to the management regarding employees sales from contracted local and national companies.
  • Counseling and solving complaints in collaboration with other bank departments.
  • Attracting new clients by market analysis and identifying potential customers.
  • Participating to the actions for the commercial and promotional events.

Universal Desk Operator.
  • Having knowledge of the characteristics and advantages of the products and services offered by the banking institution.
  • Collection of documents for the initiation of the relationship for the current account, filling them in and checking their correctness, processing information into the banking system, as well as following up on the client-bank relationship.
  • Carrying out cash operations: processing instructions received from the client regarding cash operations into the banking system like cash withdraws and deposits, foreign exchange or receipts of utility bills.
  • Preparing daily operations cashier documents of collections and payments as well as generating related reports.
  • Making non-cash transactions like opening and closing current accounts for individuals, debit cards, savings accounts, setting forward and spot deposits, processing payment orders in RON or foreign currency, subscriptions to Internet Banking, administration and cards issue, conduct operations relating to complementary financial products intermediation: amounts blocked, direct Debit, scheduled payments.

My education and trainings

Testing Software Applications Course - Technical University of Cluj-Napoca.2018 - 2018

Creation and Exploitation of Relational Databases - Technical University of Cluj-Napoca.2016 - 2017

Master's Degree in Economics, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration - "Babes-Bolyai" University, Cluj-Napoca.2010 - 2012

Bachelor's Degree in Economics, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration - "Babes-Bolyai" University, Cluj-Napoca. 2007 - 2010