Ovidiu B.


5 years
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My experience


PentalogAugust 2021 - Present

QA Engineer within the Pentalog group.
  • Training on Quality Assurance techniques and best practices, following an internal roadmap.
  • Internal integration by understanding the organizational culture.
  • Adjusting to the business practices.
  • Proper alignment with the company's vision.
  • Learning how to work according to the Agile methodology.

Appium, Cypress, Cucumber, Postman, Selenium, Agile

AvaelgoJanuary 2020 - July 2021

QA Engineer / Developer for a company delivering complete services and solutions for various businesses.

Participation into the development of various projects:

I. Azure data - Teams app.
- Project description: an application that retrieves details regarding Azure services, products used and the costs.
- Responsibilities:
  • Created a Teams application that queries data from an Azure API via Partner Center SDK and retrieves that data to Teams via a webhook.

II. Olympics - web app.
- Project description: an application that monitors and maximizes vehicle and pedestrian traffic in the Olympic Village.
- Responsibilities:
  • Manually tested the app on server and locally, when needed, with local SQL database.

III. Cross-platform market research app.
- Project description: a marketing research platform using forums, surveys, rewards and other research tools.
- Responsibilities:
  • Manually tested the app (Windows, Android), wrote test plans and scripts for the existing Selenium with C# (.NET) project alongside developers and other automated testing engineers.

IV. Desktop image recognition app.
- Project description: an application meant to recognize stamps in documents and sort them accordingly.
- Responsibilities:
  • Wrote scripts and used Python libraries (NumPy, Pillows, OpenCV, Matplolib, Glob, Scikit) to clear documents and provide a better image quality and make it easier to identify elements.
  • Used Azure Cognitive Services - Custom Vision to identify stamps in the documents.

V. Web administrative app.
- Project description: a local administration app meant to ensure transparency over local government funds.
  • Manually tested the app (Windows, Android), wrote test plans and scripts for the existing Selenium with C# (.NET) project.
  • Local testing or via Docker image.

RebelDotJanuary 2019 - January 2020

QA Engineer for a top custom software development company building web and mobile apps.
  • Participation in the development of a web and mobile windfarm inspection app. The application is used by power plant inspectors to collect data and report the status of wind turbines.
  • Manually tested the app via Windows & iOS devices and sometimes using Postman.
  • Helped junior testers reach their full potential.
  • Refactored an old project of automated testing with Selenium, C# and .NET.

AccesaJanuary 2017 - January 2019

QA Engineer within a Romanian technology company based in Cluj-Napoca.

Participation into the development of various projects:

I. Desktop interface / Spectrometer.
- Project Description: a desktop interface, spectrometer for the metallurgy industry that uses a laser to burn the metal and report the composition.
- Responsibilities:
  • Manually tested the UI of the app.
  • Performing measurements with stimulated devices.
  • Verifying mathematical algorithms and operations.

II. Web customer support app.
- Project Description: a customer support application via social media platforms. The app scraps the social media posts and sends the answer back.
- Responsibilities:
  • Tested the back-end manually using Postman and, later, RabbitMQ.
  • Tested it locally using a Docker setup at first.
  • Tested the database using SQL and MongoDB later.

III. Wood processing cross-platform apps.

- Project Description: an application that would provide furniture assembly plans, cutting plans, material and tools management.
- Responsibilities:
  • Started with manual testing (Windows and Android) and, then, pushed for automated testing.
  • Started a project with Appium, JavaScript, Selenium, Gherkin, and Cucumber after presenting a list of arguments and a demo.

My education and trainings

Bachelor's Degree in Philosophy - The University of Oradea.2007 - 2010