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PENTALOG CLIENT : Specialist in debt collection solutions01.02.2014 - Present

Product Owner.
  • Defining and sharing the product vision within the team.
  • Creation and maintenance of the Product Backlog; establishing priorities in terms of development activities for the upcoming Sprints and assisting the team during the estimation phase.
  • Content planning for each iteration and presentation of the detailed specifications to the team.
  • Main interlocutor of the client concerning all aspects related to the project.
  • Ensuring that all budget-related decisions that are made at each project stage represent relevant courses of action.
  • Defining the acceptance criteria for the feature releases proposed by the team and ensuring that they comply with established rules.
  • Writing reports on project status for the client.
  • Coordination and collaboration with the project team.

Analyst and Interim Project Manager (until the client named a member of their in-house team) within a migration sub-project consisting in transferring the data from the client's old application to the new one, developed by the Pentalog team. The main challenges of this migration project covered multiple aspects, including:
  • Dividing the migration data into autonomous items permitting progressive migration.
  • Coordinating the data migration instances with the ongoing software updates.
  • Performing non-impact migrations of production existent data.
  • Defining the tests needed to ensure the accuracy of the data migration process and its proper follow-up processing in the target-application.

Consultancy mission at the client's premises during the first three months, whose main aim was to understand the client's business and to propose optimal solutions, tailored to its needs.
  • Analysis of the existing systems and the client's needs.
  • Study of the business aspects which could have an impact on the course of the project.
  • Proposal of an initial version of the product to be developed.

Pentalog High Tech01.09.2009 - 01.05.2013

Information System Manager -Software center (LISN).
  • Management of the consistency, proper implementation and operation of the software tools of the Pentalog Information system.
  • Monitoring of the user needs to ensure the evolution and the development of the existing system.
  • Management of the maintenance and the development of the internal applications ensuring their continued availability.
  • Management of the recruitment process and monitoring of the team.
  • Providing the expertise and the technical surveillance related to business.
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    Ocea Smart Building01.06.2005 - 01.09.2009

    Functional Consultant for the development of an application for the real estate contracts management.

    Lowendal Group01.06.2005 - 01.09.2009

    Project Manager for the maintenance of a web application for the management of clients' assets inventories and an application for PDAs with bar codes, used for creating assets inventories).
  • Supervision of the development of a new version of the application in order to apply the new visual identity of the company.
  • Proposal of solutions for the optimization of some functionalities for the 2 applications.
  • Testing of the applications after adding new languages.
  • Supervision of the inventory file upload from assetmaps.pocket to Assetmaps.com.
  • Update of the Maintenance Book.
  • Estimation of the new demands and establishment of the delivery planning.
  • Management of the reports written by the team members.
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    Thales IS Business One01.01.2005 - 01.05.2005

    Technical Consultant and Developer within a project allowing the contacts management for Thales.
    Integration of the module for people management.

    Hitachi Computer Products Europe01.10.2004 - 01.12.2004

    Functional and Technical Consultant to a project of tracking following of the RAID posts production.
  • Participation in the definition of functional specifications.
  • Proposal of technical solutions.
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    GOUT Romania01.03.2004 - 01.09.2004

    Project Manager for the development of an ERP application for a textiles company from Bucharest.
    Development of the J2EE architecture for the proposed solution.

    Clementz & Associés01.06.2004 - 01.06.2004

    Ensuring the necessary for the beginning of the maintenance service for the Assetmaps application, developed for the Clementz company.
  • Communication with the client.
  • Management of the necessary resources for this type of project.
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    ANSWER01.05.2004 - 01.05.2004

    Ensuring the VABF period for the project.
  • Communication with the client.
  • Management of the modifications brought to the application.
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    Clementz & Associés01.12.2003 - 01.02.2004

    Project Leader within the development of the application for the reprocessing of the markets and the orders, of the Clementz company (http://www.clementz.fr).
    Responsible for the functional analysis and modeling of the database.

    ANSWER01.10.2003 - 01.02.2004

    Project Leader within the development of the business application for the financial management and project follow-up in the field of construction of the Answer company.
    Modeling of the database.

    GOUT Romania01.12.2003 - 01.12.2003

    Performing a functional analysis for the financial, production and commercial departments of a textile industry.

    S3G01.11.2003 - 01.12.2003

    Participation in the development of the commercial business application (estimate, invoice, prospective customer, customer) and of production control, for the S3G company.
    Drafting of the functional analysis and modeling of the database.

    iNet01.08.2003 - 01.10.2003

    Implementation of new functionalities and improvements of existing functionalities of the module "The Docker", version 1.5: tool for the management of on-line files, component of the software package for the creation and the management of portals, "The Port".
  • Integration of new functionalities.
  • Models management.
  • Ensuring properties storage in a database.
  • Performing physical and logical views for some profiles.
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    Clementz & Associés01.10.2003 - 01.10.2003

    Project Manager within the development of the web application of revealing differences following an inventory control carried out on a PDA with bar code reader, for the Clementz company. (http://www.clementz.fr).


    Clementz & Associés01.08.2003 - 01.09.2003

    Project Manager within a team developing a terminal mobile module on the PDA of the web application "Gestion de parc" for the Clementz company (http://www.clementz.fr).
    This application embarked on PDA with a bar code reader makes the connection between the web application and the physical inventories by reading bar codes.

    Clementz & Associés01.08.2003 - 01.09.2003

    Project Manager within a team developing the "Gestion de parc" web application for the Clementz company (http://www.clementz.fr).
    This application deals with the management of the fixed assets in an ASP mode for its customers.
  • Creation of the project documentation and the database model.
  • Supervision of the project.
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    iNet01.08.2003 - 01.08.2003

    Study of different application solutions in order to assure the services continuity for the "ThePort" platforms (load balancing, cluster ...).

    ANSWER01.07.2003 - 01.07.2003

    Carrying out functional analysis for the Phi application of the Answer company.
    The purpose of this application is the financial management of different phases of a project.
    The application is addressed to architects, engineers and to all the other professions which meet the same problem.

    iNet01.05.2003 - 01.06.2003

    Management and development of new functionalities for "The Docker" module: online files management tools, component of the software package for the creation and the management of portal "The Port".
  • Integration of the new customer needs.
  • Configuration of a new mode of use: pictures management.
  • In charge of management, tests and deployment.
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    Clementz & Associés01.03.2003 - 01.04.2003

    Project Manager in the development of the web application "Gestion de parc" for the company Clementz (http://www.clementz.fr).
    This application deals with the management of the fixed assets in an ASP mode for its customers.
  • Writing of the schedule of conditions and design of the database model.
  • Management of the project.
  • Development of the login part.
  • Carrying out the fixed assets management (search engine integrated).
  • Carrying out the management of customers and providers.
  • Implementation of tools for external data import.
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    iNet01.11.2002 - 01.02.2003

    Analysis and development of "The Docker" module: online files management tools, component of the software package for the creation and the management of portal "The Port".
  • Analysis of the client needs.
  • Evaluation and testing of the integration of the WebDav technology.
  • Development of the server side: file rights management and directory rights management.
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    iNet01.08.2002 - 01.11.2002

    Optimization of the interface of "The PortMaster", part of the application "The Port" by integration of horizontal and vertical Menus in the different elements of the graphic interface.
    Optimization and addition of new functionalities to "The PortMaster" interface and to the part of rights management from "The City" module, both components of the creation and management of portals application.
  • Needs analysis.
  • Integration of the horizontal and vertical Menus in different elements of the graphic interface. (The PortMaster).
  • Integration of a multi-profile management for a user.
  • Integration of the possibility of changing user profile (The PortMaster).
  • Optimization of the management of the indicators administration (The PortMaster).
  • Development of specific production indicators for the Pentalog intranet.
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    Sipcam Phyteurop01.07.2002 - 01.07.2002

    Development of stored procedures which allow the replication of databases.

    Délégation Générale pour l'Armement01.11.2001 - 01.07.2002

    Conception of a specific development in Oracle Applications for a threshold intranet application.
    The main purpose of this mission consists in creating web screens displaying information linked to a public trading market.
    Parametrization of Oracle Applications for executing specific development.

    Pentalog High Tech01.12.2001 - 01.12.2001

    Carrying out research on EJB system: concept, server (installation, configuration).
  • Development of a case application.
  • Study of "The Port" compatibility.
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    Ville d'Orléans01.10.2001 - 01.11.2001

    Integration of the LDAP in "The City", the executive agent of "The Port" (software for portals creation and management), allowing:
    user identification and connection between "The Port" users password and network users password;
    - management of the users AD (Active Directory) in "The City" through "The Portmaster" (domain parametrization).

    MyWine Account.Com01.05.2001 - 01.09.2001

    Project Manager within "The Port" project (software for portals creation and management) in MyWineAccount.com, a web portal for the top market wines quotation (6000 data base references) (www.mywineaccount.com).
    Each user is able to create his virtual wine cave. Users can also accede to management indicators and customized advices.
  • Responsible for the automatic connection module.
  • Development of a search module based on "The Guide".
  • Use of "The Wind" web content creation and management module of "The Port" (software for portals creation and management) as well as the workflow function of "The Guide" module.
  • Optimization of databases scripts.
  • Development of triggers, sequences and calculus of quotation functions.
  • Development of stored procedures for the databases.
  • Development of the WAP visualization module.
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    iNet01.04.2001 - 01.04.2001

    Technical Manager for The Port (software for portals' creation and management) integration.
  • Technical evaluation of ''The Port''.
  • Performing tests for ''The Port''.
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    Gitis01.09.2000 - 01.04.2001

    Participation in the development of an intranet application managing the pay process.
  • Parametrization of salary, establishments, companies entry forms.
  • Assuring the connection and forms fill in on the data base.
  • Improvement of the HTML classes for pages automatic layout (using icons, forms' and list' creation).
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    iNet01.05.2000 - 01.09.2000

    Participation in the development of "The Portmaster", a framework between users and The Port (software for portals creation and management) central functions.

    My stack

    Spoken languages

    FRENCH: Advanced
    ENGLISH: Advanced
    ROMANIAN: Native speaker

    Networks and systems

    Windows, Active Directory, Linux, AS/400, Novell Netware


    PL/SQL, SQL, XML, JAVA, JavaScript, PHP, Prolog, WML, .NET Languages, C/C++, Delphi




    MySQL, Oracle, MS Access, Paradox, Progress, SQL Server

    Analysis methods and tools

    MERISE, Power AMC, UML

    Application servers

    Apache, Tomcat, Developer 2000


    Oracle Applications, The Port





    Computer tools

    MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook), Internet Explorer

    My education and trainings

    "SCRUM Management" Training.2012

    "Certified Scrum Product Owner” Training (CPSO).2011

    "SCRUM vs V Cycle" Training.2011

    ISO Training.2011

    "Team Management" Training.2011

    "People and Project Management" Training - Session 3.2010

    SEAM/Talend Training.2010

    Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science, Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science - "Transilvania" University, Brasov.1996-2000