User-Centric Design for B2B: An Adidas-Pentalog Case Study

Building an amazing end-to-end user experience across business touch points.

User-Centric Design for B2B: An Adidas-Pentalog Case Study

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When it comes to B2B products, user experience hasn’t always been the focus. Nowadays, companies ignore business users at their own peril.

For Adidas, recognizing the expectations of B2B users meant accelerating a digitalization journey amplified by the pandemic to unify and upgrade digital experiences.

In this video, Charline Robbe, Pentalog’s Head of Growth and Innovation Services Europe, together with Phillip Stucki, Director of Tech Project Management for Customer Experience & Commerce at Adidas, will discuss how Adidas implemented a vision to increase satisfaction and engagement across a sprawling B2B customer base.

Learn about the challenges, workflows and tools, and the eventual realization of data-driven, customer-centric design. The video touches on:

  • The initial goals of the UX/UI transition for the Adidas project
  • The steps taken and impediments that arose along the way
  • What works, what needs to be adjusted and what’s next

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