I speak

English : Advanced

Romanian : Native speaker

I code

Networks and systems
Linux, Windows
PHP, C/C++, JAVA, JavaScript
Web technologies
Angular 1.5, CodeIgniter, CSS, HTML, jQuery, Node.js, Sequelize.js, Symfony
Cassandra, MySQL, Phinx, Raima
Application servers
ElasticSearch, SmartFox Socket Server
Open Source solutions
CakePHP, Doctrine, Phalcon, PHP HHVM, Red5

My Experiences

Financial Solutions Provider March 2016 - Present

Financial Solutions Provider March 2016 - Present

Scrum Master / Technical Team Leader.

  • Designing software solutions based on a micro-service oriented architecture.
  • Suggesting and implementing business requirements in Node.js and Angular.
  • Moving the existing PHP code to the new Node.js micro-service architecture.
  • Acting as Scrum Master within the team: core team evolution, changing the PHP team to a Node.js team.

Voyage Privé November 2012 - December 2015 Duration: 3 years 1 month

Voyage Privé November 2012 - December 2015 Duration: 3 years 1 month

Team Leader and Software Developer.

  • Leading one of the teams in charge of developing the application.
  • Design (architecture) and development of new application features/modules.
  • Application maintenance.

HP Software March 2012 - September 2012 Duration: 6 months

HP Software March 2012 - September 2012 Duration: 6 months

Software Designer within a company providing a detailed software portfolio dedicated to the optimization and security of a printing company applications, information and infrastructure.

  • Development of new application features; improving and “beautifying” the interfaces (mainly written with Xlib directives under Linux). C/C++ programming languages were used for development.
  • Application maintenance (GDB and Valgrind used for bug fixing).
  • Lead of a three-person team with the goal of mapping Xlib interfaces from Linux, to web-based interfaces. This was done with a 3rd party socket server (developed and maintained by the team) and controlled with GWT on the browser side.

Hiflex September 2008 - March 2012 Duration: 3 years 6 months

Hiflex September 2008 - March 2012 Duration: 3 years 6 months

Developer within a company that is the global leader in management information system and integrated Web2Print work-flow solutions for the print and media industries.

  • Development of Web2Print solutions (custom modules for accounting, production and sales teams). Development was done in C/C++ (depending on the module) language under a Linux system and mapped to Windows OS with Exceed. All interfaces were developed in ISA, an iterative programming language for writing software interfaces. As DBMS, Raima was used (local files data indexer). For statistics, PHP scripts were used, custom to each client.  
  • Development of new application features on client’s request. All modules developed had to be compatible with the JDF printing standard.
  • Bug fixing (using GDB and Valgrind for memory debugging).
  • Application maintenance.

Freelance September 2011 - October 2018 Duration: 7 years 1 month

Freelance September 2011 - October 2018 Duration: 7 years 1 month

Architecture design and participation in the development of the following projects:

I. Various web projects developed using PHP technologies and frameworks:
ekmont.ro – online shop for climbing products (PHP and Codeigniter);
viziteazamiroslava.ro – travel presentation website (CakePHP);
axaestvestiasi.ro – European Union funded infrastructure project website (CakePHP);
alixero.ro – online shop for printer parts (CakePHP);
giocondacenter.ro – online beauty center presentation website (PHP);
invitatiihelen.ro – online wedding cards shop (Cake PHP);
incontrireale.it – online dating website (custom PHP framework);
private-muse.com – responsive dating website (CakePHP, Bootstrap);
incontrisenzalimiti.it – online dating websites (custom PHP framework).

II. VideoPHP – PHP and JS based video streaming/processing socket server.

III. Online Texas Holdem cards game (AS3, Java, SmartFox Server). Java was used on the server side and AS3 for the client interface. Video processing was done with a SmartFox server and a fallback with RED5.

  • Defining the technologies to be used within the project.
  • Architecture design for the entire system.
  • Development of some modules and web cam video processing/control module.

IV. Android applications:
Stolen/Lost Phone SMS (receive a SMS with the current phone number, if SIM is changed to another one);
Talking Parrot;
Albert The Genie (reads your mind and tells you what number you are thinking of);
Calories and Diet (provides all the information you need to live a healthy lifestyle);
Multiple Live Wallpapers (with phone sensors interactions).

My Education

Bachelor's Degree in Software Development, Faculty of Computer Science - " Alexandru Ioan Cuza" University, Iasi.


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