I speak

English : Average

French : Average

Romanian : Native speaker

I code

Networks and systems
C/C++, JAVA, PL/SQL, Prolog, XML
Analysis methods and tools
Matlab, OOP
Tests Tools
Automated testing, Black box testing, Manual testing, Selenium IDE, Selenium WebDriver, White box testing
Computer tools
MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook)

My Experiences

Provider of Social Media Monitoring Solutions October 2015 - Present

Provider of Social Media Monitoring Solutions October 2015 - Present


  • Testing during the entire life-cycle of the project.
  • Planning and estimation of the testing process.
  • Regression testing.
  • Approval for new features.
  • Creation of automated tests.
  • Maintenance of automated tests.

PENTALOG November 2013 - September 2014 Duration: 10 months

PENTALOG November 2013 - September 2014 Duration: 10 months

Participating in a training course focused on software testing and automated testing development.

Acquisition of fundamental skills in the software testing process, targeting several aspects such as:
– Basics of testing process: the testing processes needed in terms of quality and costs reduction, general principles of testing, testing process, testing psychology;
– Testing during the entire life-cycle of a software project: development models, levels of testing, types of tests;
– Static testing techniques: static analysis with several tools, review process;
– Design techniques of testing: Black box and White box techniques;
– Test management: planning and estimation of testing, monitoring and control of test progress, risks evaluation;
– Tools used as a support in the testing process: types of tools, benefits and risks of using tools.

Participating in trainings on automated testing with Selenium WebDriver:
– Foundations of UI functional testing;
– Identifying parts and performing exercises;
– Selenium IDE: use, exercises, advantages and disadvantages;
– Installation of Selenium WebDriver;
– Creation of a tests suite with WebDriver and tests development.

Participating in several workshops on software testing.

  • Writing test cases for an application.
  • Analysis of the specifications for an application in development; creating test suites and test cases.
  • Running tests from suites previously created for a developed application according to the specifications.
  • Identifying, prioritizing and tracking anomalies.
  • Creation of tests using Selenium IDE.
  • Review according to the certification European model of software testing.

“Ion Luca” High School, Vatra Dornei 2010 - 2013 Duration: 3 years

“Ion Luca” High School, Vatra Dornei 2010 - 2013 Duration: 3 years

IT equipment maintenance.

  • In charge of the continued operation of electronic equipment, computers and Internet network within the High School.

My Education

Bachelor's Degree in Automatic Control and Applied Informatics, Faculty of Automatic Control and Computer Engineering - "Gheorghe Asachi" Technical University of Iasi.


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