We care about client satisfaction and are devoted to offering a high level of performance and continuous improvement. Quality is central to everything we do.

Pentalog’s delivery centers and management facilities in Europe have been ISO 9001 certified since 2008. At group level, our management and service operation processes are in line with ITIL best practices and CMMI level 4 standards.

Quality Assurance

Our Quality Management System guarantees the quality of all deliverables and applications within our clients’ projects. It also provides a formal framework based on common methods, tools and best practices implemented by the entire Pentalog staff including procurement, human resources, infrastructure management, marketing, sales and communications. We have combined this methodology with agile practices (Scrum, Kanban) at all levels.

Pentalog’s quality procedures define the following in detail:

  • Project preparation: consists of taking into account already existing resources and defining the specific organization of the project, planning, team setup and ramp-up schedule and finally the project kick-off period with the project manager which will take place on the client’s premises.
  • Project coordination: includes communicating with the client (follow-up meetings and tools, steering committees), internal project monitoring, reporting and KPIs, event and risk management, contract management, human resources management, project closing procedures and a satisfaction survey.

Production cycle:

  • in software development: specifications, design, test cases, conception, testing phases (unit, integration, validation, final validation), delivery, receipt, warranty and/or maintenance.
  • in application maintenance: scalability, organization, team rotation, reversibility.
  • in IT facilities management: scalability, organization according to types of activities (equipment management, user support, on-site interventions, administration, etc.), team rotation, reversibility.
  • Knowledge management: project documentation, training, knowledge transfer.

Each project follows a Project Quality Plan (PQP), which is a legally binding document that is part of the service contract. It is written by the project manager and approved by the client at the beginning of the project. The PQP will be updated after project modifications are requested in order to officially acknowledge and keep up with all changes that occur in the scope of a project.

It describes the project’s organization, team, follow-up guidelines, configuration management, testing methodology, validation conditions, and more. In short the PQP specifies the mutual working rules that will ensure a smooth running of the project and the quality of its outcome, in compliance with the quality standards and time constraints commonly defined with the client.

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