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We build up your teams by combining IT recruitment, skills assessment, and community engagement into a unique HR experience

  • 400,000 IT profiles in our database
  • 180,000 coders assessed
  • 500+ quizzes and coding tests

First-class IT recruitment powered by SkillValue

SkillValue makes up the HR base of the Pentalog digital platform. We capitalize on the expertise of 500,000 skill-tested IT specialists to fully staff or extend the capabilities of your in-house teams. For over 9 years, we have been providing an array of IT recruitment services that have helped our clients tackle all of their HR challenges: finding and recruiting the best talent, assessing their teams’ and candidates’ skills, as well as attracting and engaging their community.

We rely on a well-seasoned recruitment team and an efficient skills assessment solution to find the IT professionals that match all of your requirements in terms of hard and soft skills, experience, language, and proximity.


Full-stack IT recruitment and tech skills assessment

The service range powered by SkillValue is designed as a full-stack solution that leverages technology to enable efficient IT recruitment and accurate IT skills assessment. We provide a highly-qualified recruitment team and a constantly updated SaaS assessment platform to help you source, evaluate, and recruit your current and future workforce.

Our recruiters have an IT and engineering background, they are also trained on the latest IT & Digital trends. The quizzes and coding exercises available on the testing platform are designed by technical experts and reviewed periodically to match industry best practices and market requirements.

Through the Pentalog platform, you get access to an array of IT and digital recruitment services that includes:

  • End-to-end recruitment of tech profiles (custom skillsets, different levels of expertise, specific geographic locations)
  • IT skills assessment tools that allow you to select candidates or to evaluate your team’s skills (development languages, operating systems, databases, mobile apps, and more)
  • Hackathons that help you engage with your community and boost your employer brand

We utilize a talent pool of more than 500,000 candidates and over 500 quizzes and coding exercises to quickly address any of your HR endeavors and build up your in-house teams.

Depending on your business goals, you can also opt for a dedicated outsourced team in one of our offshore or nearshore locations (Romania, Moldova, Vietnam, and Mexico) or a freelance collaboration.


Addressing IT and digital recruitment challenges

Once their software product has achieved a certain level of maturity, many companies consider ramping up their existing teams to move faster or transitioning towards internal software development to maintain their competitive edge in the long run.

At SkillValue, our HR specialists are able to respond to all of your technical, strategic, and operational challenges related to IT recruitment and evaluation. Our teams will help you:

  • Reduce your time-to-market by rapidly increasing your team’s capabilities in terms of size, skillsets, and level of experience
  • Fill a technology gap by accessing specific technical skills
  • Reduce the time spent on candidate sourcing and pre-screening to ramp up the team
  • Ensure the training of your in-house team is effective and get a clear overview of their progress in terms of skill acquisition

A flexible and transparent collaboration

All of our processes are Agile, flexible, and fully transparent. You benefit from 100% ownership, recruitment processes adjusted to your growth strategy, and alternative methods of talent sourcing with a global reach. Moreover, each time you use our assessment platform, a ranking, a code check and an analysis of the results are automatically sent both to you and your candidates.

At every point of our collaboration, you can easily access any other services provided by the Pentalog digital platform. Our expert consultants will guide you through the entire product lifecycle, from software development, to digital marketing and growth hacking.

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