Ongoing software maintenance

Outsourcing software maintenance is the first (and easiest) step of the process for increasing your company’s IT maturity level. It allows your internal teams to remain concentrated on R&D, innovation and business matters while increasing profitability by cutting the cost of your Information System.


With more than 50 dedicated team members involved in world-wide third-party application maintenance projects, Pentalog ensures a high level professional environment to take care of your software:

    • Cost control to maximize ROI

    • Guaranteed service quality based on KPIs defined in a Service Level Agreement and reviewed during steering committees

    • Access to a broad range of specialized skills

    • Knowledge continuity on each project

    • Lean project management practices to increase quality and innovation even further


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Our software maintenance services:

      • Ongoing software maintenance: bug fixing, development of new features, migration

      • Software re-engineering

      • Code refactoring

      • Continuous delivery


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