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Global digitization strategies affect all businesses at a world-wide scale, and the still steadily growing software publishing industry is going through major changes. Never before had time-to-market and innovation capacities been that crucial.


New cloud technologies now simplify access to strong and scalable development and hosting infrastructures. The rise of nearshore or offshore outsourcing along with agile practices brings along an additional leverage that eases access to affordable, high-level resources to keep up with market trends and remain all the more responsive to users’ expectations. Outsourcing new product development as well as software maintenance or just parts of the development process such as testing have become much easier.

Remaining competitive and innovative

With global practices shifting towards SaaS, software editors now have to focus on improving customer service and implementing creative business models to drive revenue growth, instead of selling licenses like before. Getting rid of physical infrastructures generates opportunities for designing, promoting and selling new services disrupting traditional value chains.


Pentalog has been supporting software editors for years in implementing effective strategies to ensure sustainable growth and market position: Outsourced product development or maintenance based on Agile software development practices allows for rapid and easy increase of your team size while cutting costs and time-to-market. You can release new versions quickly and bring out more new high-end software products and services. Actually, it is all about time-to-value!


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Relying on a true product partner

As a product partner to software editors in many verticals, Pentalog’s software engineering teams offer full-stack development services covering the whole software product lifecycle in an entirely dedicated environment, from strategy consulting to digital marketing, all the way through R&D, programming, testing and hosting.

We focus on long-term collaborations to help software publishers penetrate new markets through product, service and geographical reach diversification and focus on:

    • ensuring timely response and guaranteed service levels

    • improving delivery capability and customer satisfaction


Our outsourcing engagement models include nearshore dedicated teams for punctual as well as long-term needs, fixed-price contracts and SLAs. BOT models can also be considered.




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