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Coravin Pentalog helps Coravin regain control of its IT infrastructure

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About the client

Coravin is an e-commerce company focused on designing, marketing and selling a single product. Their product is a tool that enables users to pour a single glass of wine without having to remove the cork from the bottle: instead, a needle goes through the cork, pouring the wine while an inert gas fills the void left by the amount poured. This gives users the ability to serve as much or as little wine from a bottle without having to actually open it, allowing whatever remains to be preserved for future consumption without fear of oxidation. Coravin’s product leaves the cork undisturbed during the serving process and reseals the bottle itself once the product is removed.Coravin is completely focused on selling its product online and has websites hosted in multiple countries. This calls for both a large and well managed IT infrastructure.


The challenge

How can an international e-Commerce company harmonize its global IT infrastructure in order to create a more efficient online environment while managing both B2B and B2C operations? Coravin was asking itself this question after subcontractors made sub-optimal technology choices rendering their IT infrastructure cumbersome and inefficient.

To remedy this, Coravin looked to Pentalog to restructure all the IT infrastructure surrounding their e-commerce operations.

The challenge revolved around restructuring Coravin’s e-commerce IT systems. Overall, previous subcontractors made substandard technology choices creating a less than optimal IT environment and limiting access to B2C markets. For example, websites in different countries used different e-commerce platforms which made coordination difficult between Coravin’s websites.

One problem that became apparent was that their e-commerce systems struggled to meet demands from the marketing department to target both B2B and B2C markets. Marketing efforts to take action or make changes on Coravin’s websites were often made difficult or even thwarted by their un-optimized IT infrastructure

Overall, Coravin’s IT systems needed an overhaul to make the whole system more efficient and reactive.

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IT infrastructure

The solution

The solution was to pass control of Coravin’s e-commerce systems over to an offshore Pentalog team. The solution first focused on the Magento-based US platform, where the Pentalog team upgraded the website while working to optimize and give it a B2C focus.

Collaboration between Coravin and Pentalog is ongoing as their roadmap is large: our team is now working on Coravin’s European website. Pentalog’s five man team is taking a similar approach on the European side of things. Currently, they are using OpenCart and they plan on migrating the website over to Magento to ensure the US and European websites are streamlined.

For both the US and European websites, Pentalog is also implementing tools that boost marketing automation efforts with a particular focus on measuring efficiency of e-mail campaigns, promotions, and product launches throughout the entire buyer journey.

The results

Coravin particularly appreciates Pentalog’s reaction time, responsiveness, and reliability. They also benefited from the reduction of IT costs as working with Pentalog’s offshore team was less expensive than the US subcontractors they worked with previously. This cost reduction, coupled with Pentalog’s high level of performance resulted in a very satisfied client.

One solid measure of success of this project can be seen in relation to Coravin’s recent nationwide TV advertising campaign for Mother’s day in the USA. This TV campaign resulted in a 500% increase in website traffic and sales, meanwhile the website handled the increased traffic perfectly.

As work continues with the US and European websites, there is a possibility that a mobile application will be developed as well.

Chris Hote
VP of North America sales

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