Clients Depend on Pentalog for Cost-Effective Access to World-Class IT Talent

Clients Depend on Pentalog for Cost-Effective Access to World-Class IT Talent

We Solve IT Staffing Challenges Quickly & Efficiently

Creating great software starts with great teams, and the best teams start with the best people. That’s why Pentalog uses a proprietary 6-point skills assessment to recruit and regularly reassess our engineering professionals. For those who push beyond our exacting standards, we offer opportunities to cultivate excellence.

We provide vetted profiles at two levels of capability:


Select Profiles have successfully passed our rigorous assessment process before being hired, demonstrating their strong technical and collaboration skills.


Premier Profiles exceed our demanding standards to demonstrate exceptional commitment, scoring in the top 5% for technical and collaboration skills.

Our Proprietary 6-Point Talent Recruitment Process Goes Deep on Technical & Collaboration Skills

  1. SkillValue technical skills and level assessment
  2. Independent secondary technical assessment
  3. Dreyfus skills acquisition assessment
  4. Technical interview with a Pentalog subject expert
  5. Foreign language test (written & spoken)
  6. Soft skills evaluation of collaboration potential

We Specialize in Hiring World-Class IT Talent

Companies depend on Pentalog outsourcing for access to highly skilled developers at a competitive price. We leverage our 7 global software delivery centers to find, recruit and retain world-class engineering talent.

Clients Want to Hire Quickly, Minimizing the Time & Cost of Recruitment

Pentalog identifies promising talent and completes our intensive 6-Point Assessment before presenting prospective candidates, providing sufficient pre-validation for nearly every type of project.

We Evaluate “Soft Skills” to Ensure Our Profiles Are Great Collaborators

Because software development is usually team effort, candidates complete psychometric tests to evaluate capacities such as working with others, processing information and coping with stress.

Upon Request, Clients May Choose to Conduct Supplemental Evaluations

For some clients, special requirements related to technical complexity, high security or company-specific factors motivate the decision to conduct supplemental technical tests and live interviews.