Smartphones and tablets have exceeded the number of desktop computers. Telecommunication needs are skyrocketing at a time when globalization is making the market more and more competitive. To stay relevant, equipment manufacturers need to continually develop their technologies in order to innovate and renew their product lines. Pentalog’s 300 telecom software engineers support leading telecom industry players in both fixed and mobile networks to address 3 main challenges:

  • free up internal resources that clients can then dedicate to the design of new products

  • obtain better cost control in product development, testing and maintenance activities

  • increase productivity and the level of services offered to end clients

  • improve internal processes

Our telecom expertise

Pentalog has developed a full-stack service offer in the telecom industry, focusing on protocols, equipment, infrastructure, as well as on telecommunication-related services:

  • Protocols: Bluetooth, Wifi, customized RF (radio frequency) solutions, 3G technology (UMTS, TD-SCDMA), 4G technology

  • Equipment: remote reading modules (in the fields of energy, security & supervision, home automation, town planning, transport, interconnection), smartphones and tablets (in TV sets, cars, houses, meters, etc.)

  • Infrastructure: cloud-based IT networks, Voice over IP

  • Services: consumer billing (subscriptions, package deals, prepaid, etc.), customer service

  • Our methodology

    Pentalog’s telecom specialists ensure full-stack service provision in line with our customers’ high expectations:

  • end-product quality / conformity (mobile phones, bank card readers, etc.)

  • fast time-to-market (i.e. product market launch in less than three months)

  • innovative solutions to constraints and problems

  • continuous improvement of the cost / performance ratio

  • integration of existing and new technologies (e.g. new types of peripherals)

  • implementation of a telecom environment-specific follow-up system

  • Login to our portal and download our Embedded Systems white papers for free :
    « Telecom conformance testing » and « System robustness and stability tests »

    Our services

  • software architecture design

  • software layer development

  • testing solutions

  • integration of different modules and technologies into devices and software applications

  • maintenance of communicating equipment and communication management applications

  • business intelligence

  • infrastructure implementation

Success stories

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