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PentaLIVE DACH – Open Roberta Lab platform: How children learn to program a robot through play

Thorsten Leimbach, our guest for this PentaLIVE DACH, is a Scientist, passionate Coder and Head of Smart Coding and Learning at the renowned Fraunhofer Institute.

He discusses the Open Roberta Lab (, a coding platform dedicated to children and teens. They can easily start programming, with the help of a visual coding environment, called NEPO mission.

Find out more about this impressive platform with surprising links to the NASA Mars mission, that lets young users code their very own “Cookie box protection”.

Our PentaLIVE host Hendrik Martz, German actor & Coach, and Katharina Mensah – Account Executive at Pentalog DACH have an interesting discussion with Thorsten Leimbach about:

  • Coding and why it should be part of the curriculum in school for children;
  • The Open Roberta Lab and how this platform can help the German school system;
  • Why coding can be so much fun for children and teens?

(Language of the Video: German)