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PentaLIVE DACH – Logistics Hub in Hamburg: How it supports 60+ Startups

Our guest for this PentaLIVE is Johannes Berg – Managing Director of the Digital Hub Logistics in Hamburg. This self-proclaimed ‘soccer groundsman’ manages the hub as a profit center (GmbH), with more than 60 onboarded Start-ups.

In Germany, there are 12 similar Hubs (, founded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, all with different setups.

From Berg’s point of view, Logistics start-ups need three core ingredients, in order to have a chance on the market and be successful: money, software products and digitization.

Our PentaLIVE host Hendrik Martz, German actor & Coach, and Katharina Mensah, Account Executive, Pentalog DACH join the Digital Hub Logistics’ Managing Director, offering a 360-degree view on:

  • Why the combination of logistics and software leads to success in this industry?
  • How digitization helps logistics reduce its carbon footprint?
  • Why does the logistics Hub need to be more innovative and create more solutions?

(Language of the Video: German)