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PentaLIVE – Digital Tree Management 2.0 – CO2 compensation

This PentaLIVE episode features visionary tree savior Johannes Schwegler, who talks about his mission and views on making this world a better place, by planting trees and saving the Borneo jungle.

With the help of digital apps and tools, he wants to give his donors visibility over their money contributions. Johannes has founded the organization Fairventures, that allows workers to make a living out of planting trees and farming, which prevents them from going into the jungle and cutting down trees.

PentaLIVE DACH’s host Hendrik Martz, German actor & Coach, along with Katharina Mensah, Account Executive at Pentalog Dach, get knee-deep into this thrilling topic, as they find out more about personal carbon footprint:

  • How to take responsibility for your own carbon footprint and start reducing it?
  • What apps and tools can help follow a tree from planting to growth?
  • How can people who depend on forests for living survive without cutting down the trees in the Borneo jungle?

(Language of the Video: German)