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PentaLIVE – Platformization of HR: Recruitment goes digital at large scale

In this PentaLIVE episode, entrepreneur and visionary André Wessoly talks about OPUSHERO, an online hiring marketplace. The idea behind this HR platform is to bring together staffing agencies and companies looking for personnel.

This matching is enabled with the help of an algorithm that pairs skills and requirements. OPUSHERO wants to break the mold of HR markets and become the main platform that matches recruitment agencies and hiring companies.

PentaLIVE DACH’s host Hendrik Martz, German actor & Coach, along with Reiner Hörger, Project Director at Pentalog DACH, make a deep dive into the following topics:

  • The saga of starting a Recruitment platform
  • How to handle change as a start-up during the pandemic
  • The features needed to transform the platform into a valuable tool for recruiters and companies

(Language of the Video: German)