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PentaLIVE – Tyromotion: About the MedTech Industry and the company’s healthcare application

MedTech is a Billion Euro industry with a constantly growing market, providing both patients and companies with great opportunities. Patients are offered the chance to full-recovery, while companies get to help patients, receive valuable research data and build amazing products.

In our PentaLIVE episode, Dr. Christoph Rickert – Manager Continuum of Care at Tyromotion, shows how the ArysMe™and ArysPro™ applications work, aiding patients regain limb mobility. An arm tracker recognises the movements, while the software – developed by the Pentalog team – shows the results, with the help of a gamified application that displays the patient’s progress. Medical staff may follow the progress of their patients and in due course, stroke victims are motivated to train the arm, being able to show their success of their recovery to their family and friends.

Featuring our hosts, Hendrik Martz – German actor & Coach and Katharina Mensah – Account Executive at Pentalog DACH, the discussion tackles the following topics:

  • MedTech in Healthcare and how it can help patients
  • Medical applications and their development
  • How to make use of gamification in healthcare applications

(Language of the Video: German)