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Supply Chain: How can digitization help make logistics more eco-friendly?

How “green” is my transport? How can digitization help make logistics more eco-friendly and show the carbon footprint?

In this PentaLive episode, we welcome Armin Neises, CEO of WAVES S.àr.l, creator of a Sustainability Management Platform to make the carbon footprint visible for the logistics sector. Seen as a utopian leader 20 years ago, he is now a visionary of great caliber in his field.

Joined by Hendrik Martz (well-known German actor in the TV and Film industry) as our Host and by Katharina Mensah, Account Executive at Pentalog, the speakers discuss:

  • The emerging role of sustainability in the B2B context and why companies have to consider it
  • How politics will urge companies to display their carbon footprint in the near future
  • How companies can rely on already existing data to easily show the carbon footprint

(Language of the Video: German)