Vietnam IT Outsourcing: Why choose to offshore

The clock is ticking and your product needs to be launched, but you are stuck in the testing phase or lack the technical experts to deliver your software project. At this point, time is your most valuable asset.

Have you considered outsourcing your development needs to an offshore location? Choosing an established offshore outsourcing destination like Vietnam will save time and up to 75% on your IT-related costs.

Keep Time on Your Side with Offshore IT Outsourcing to Vietnam

One of the world’s most attractive business destinations by the impressive number of startups and tech giants investing in IT&C projects, Vietnam’s IT outsourcing potential and competitiveness have been growing exponentially over the past few years.

Pentalog’s Delivery Center in Vietnam already has a team of over 80 experienced IT professionals serving clients mainly from France, the USA, Canada, Singapore, and Switzerland.

Vietnam IT Outsourcing

When outsourcing your software development needs, you gain the advantage of reduced costs and faster time-to-market through:

  • A broader range of working hours: GMT+7 time zone coverage
  • Operations carried out during the night at daytime rates
  • Optimized delivery times and reduced rates that lead to savings of up to 75%

Our offshoring model is perfectly suited for either a complete transfer of activity or as a complementary destination to our nearshoring locations in the Eastern Europe. Decide which option best suits your needs!

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Nearshore Quality in an Offshore Experience

Our Vietnam IT outsourcing delivery center is situated in Hanoi and is managed just like our nearshore locations. They are all English-speaking environments that use Agile practices and are all ISO 9001 certified.

When going offshore, we create a customized roadmap for you to fully benefit from Vietnam’s IT outsourcing experience:

  • Transfer of non-crucial tasks to the offshore center while keeping software engineering activities in a nearshore location
  • Full project transfer, including management activities
  • Ease of collaboration with both the USA and Europe at reduced costs
  • At least 4 working hours in common no matter your location

Our teams are ready to tackle the challenges of your software project!

Offshore to Vietnam with a Trustworthy Partner

Pentalog is a digital service platform which provides state-of-the-art software engineering, high-end consulting, marketing technology, efficient IT recruiting and start-up financing solutions to its clients worldwide.

With over 25 years of experience in software engineering and IT outsourcing, Pentalog has the know-how to successfully set-up and deliver any remotely managed project:

  • 1,100 meticulously selected and regularly trained IT engineers
  • Global presence with facilities in Europe, America, and Asia
  • ISO certified service quality for all of our delivery centers
  • Expertise in market-leading technologies: IoT, Big Data, Cloud Computing, Mobile

Whether your primary objective is cutting costs or shortening the delivery time of your software project, Pentalog’s consultants will help you find the solution that best fits your needs with an optimal quality/price ratio.

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