Agile Software Development

The Agile Software Development method is a type of organization that can be used with most IT projects and is particularly well adapted to projects which don’t have precise specifications or when the expectations for the end-user are not totally set from the beginning of the project.

This development methodology relies on the incremental development of a software application while maintaining a completely transparent list of upgrade or correction demands to be implemented.

Based on 3 essential principles: optimize lead time, increase visibility on the team’s work and limit Work-In-Progress (WIP), being Agile is more than a simple methodology.


Agile Methodology


For Pentalog, your IT partner, Agility is a state of mind combined with a set of practices involving all the departments of the company.


The main advantage of Agile Software Development with Scrum is increasing the productivity.

Other advantages:

  • Maximum adaptability for the products and applications development

  • An iterative and participatory approach

  • Increasing communication

  • Maximizing cooperation

Pentalog is a customer-oriented IT engineering group providing IT outsourcing and consulting services.
Our global approach, strategic mindset and Agile practices have made us a disruptive service provider on the international business scene.


Discover our IT services provided in an Agile mode! Read more about what being Agile means at Pentalog!



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