IT Outsourcing

In a world where tech companies are looking for ways to enable digital transformation and accelerate backlog delivery, integrating outsourced IT services in their business strategy gives leaders access to top engineering and digital talent and more time to focus on innovation and growth.

While entrusting product development to an IT outsourcing company can help to fight resource scarcity, it can be challenging to find a long-term partner that checks all the boxes when it comes to software quality, development costs, and ease of collaboration.

In this section, you will find articles describing how IT outsourcing works, what to expect from your outsourcing partner, how to choose between multiple vendors, and how to successfully onboard an outsourced team to expand your in-house development team’s capacity.

To support your strategic decision-making, you will also find specific content comparing outsourcing models and contracts, exploring outsourcing locations and assessing the benefits of outsourcing development.