Rather than setting up a large in-house development team, yband therapy AG decided to team up with Pentalog so we could create the Android, iOS, and even the web technology that they needed to complement their innovative MedTech devices.

CORAVIN – restructuring e-commerce IT systems


How can an international e-commerce company harmonize its global IT infrastructure in order to create a more efficient online environment managing both B2B and B2C operations? Coravin called upon Pentalog to restructure all of the IT infrastructure surrounding their e-commerce operations.

Supporting E-commerce Growth


E-commerce websites always need to be both up to date and visually engaging. We helped Missguided add new features to their website while keeping everything running smoothly during a time of rapid business expansion. They were left with an up to date website ready to accommodate customers with up to date technology.

Sensee – An E-commerce eyewear company

Sensee TEAMS Logo

The storefront for an E-commerce business is their website. It has to both look good and and function well in order to attract customers. We re-created Sensee’s storefront by updating their websites with new technologies, providing the best customer experience possible.



When you are developing a MVP you want to move as quickly as possible to release the product and gather data. To push out their MVP with the goal of exploring a new mobile business opportunity, Larvol decided to team up with a Pentalog team of iOS developers.

Development of an E-commerce platform for designer furniture

Made.com is a British online designer furniture retailer. Their business model is based on the idea of selling furniture directly from the makers, with no warehouses, no physical stores and no middlemen, in order to offer top-quality products at affordable prices.


AMA optics

What can a medical professional do when they have a great idea for a Medtech app but no technical experience? This was exactly the case for Albert Hofeldt, MD, an ophthalmologist and the President of AMA Optics, Inc. His solution was to team up with Pentalog developers, combining his medical experience with our IT know-how.

Expansion of an E-Commerce Platform

E-Commerce Platform

Specific time consuming tasks in an IT development project can slow down the expansion of both business and technology. Taking on extra manpower in the form of IT Outsourcing to take on precise and labor intensive development tasks will accelerate an IT project.

Full-stack development of a SaaS community animation tool


Likeabird.io offers a SaaS community animation tool aiming to help Community Managers and advertising agencies improve their digital communication. This tool allows to organize game contests on Twitter and automate interactions with the participants.