With sales offices and delivery centers in North and Latin America, Western and Eastern Europe and Asia, Pentalog is a true global nearshoring partner to companies on all continents.


Our locations allow for optimal geographic and time proximity with never more than a 4-hour time difference between you and your dedicated nearshore team. This means reasonable travel times for clients to visit their virtual delivery center and at least 4 hours of common working time.

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Mexico (and Jalisco specifically) provides an impressive IT talent pool, producing as many IT engineering graduates as the USA. Based on its optimal location, software developers are largely fluent in English and have strong technical skills in both front-end and back-end development. Mexico is a “middle cost” country whose GDP per capita is very close to that of Romania, Bulgaria and Russia.


Guadalajara is a little known but fast growing destination for IT outsourcing, ranking very competitively on front-end profiles, especially (React.js, Node.js and Angular). It is located in an ideal timezone operating one hour behind New York and two hours ahead of San Francisco. Our delivery center in Guadalajara allows us to easily interact with Silicon Valley startups and with the East Coast of the United States.


Timezone: UTC/GMT-6



Nearshore Mexico - Pentalog Guadalajara

Pentalog Guadalajara

Av. Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla # 1995

Arcos Vallarta

44600 Guadalajara, Jalisco


Phone: +33 970754570


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