With sales offices and delivery centers in North and South America, Western and Eastern Europe and Asia, Pentalog is a true global nearshoring partner to companies on all continents.

Our locations allow for optimal geographic and time proximity with never more than a 4-hour time difference between you and your dedicated nearshore team. This means reasonable travel times for clients to visit their virtual delivery center and at least 4 hours of common working time.

New York Boston Montevideo Frankfurt Orleans Chisinau Bucharest Brasov Cluj Iasi Hanoi

Orléans, where Pentalog was founded, is a mid-sized city located less than a two hours' drive from Paris and its airports. Orléans is an attractive business region where several French blue-chips have established their headquarters or local subsidiaries.


This office serves as Pentalog's global headquarters, housing 30 consultants and managers. It is also home to several digital startups supported by our company's business incubator Pentalabbs.


Timezone: GMT+1

Pentalog France S.A.

Château des Hauts
1 rue des Hauts
45380 La chapelle Saint-Mesmin

Phone: +33 2 38 25 30 30

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