Top 1-2-3%

With our hybrid “AI + Expert” assessments, we can provide the best talent in the world

Minimize the risks in your tech staffing with SkillValue Insight – our proprietary evaluation system, boosted using artificial intelligence and applied to a database of more than 1 million previous tests.

Our assessment algorithm looks deeper

SkillValue Insight is a proprietary assessment algorithm created by Pentalog to identify top talent and match skills to client projects. Our data-driven methodology looks deeper, covering technical expertise, collaboration skills, English language, and experience.

SkillValue Insight is powered by 20 years’ worth of recruitment data. We analyzed more than +1 million tests and 100,000 interviews screened through the Dreyfus Matrix to create a tool that measures talent objectively – a tool that provides more reliable assessments than those based solely on traditional recruitment grids.

Integrating artificial intelligence into the process also saves time; preselection is 80% faster, with an accuracy of 82% – equal to that of humans, and a figure that just gets better over time! This hybrid evaluation helps to eliminate bias throughout the process. At each stage, the gains optimize the costs, both for us and for you.

With SkillValue Insight, we evaluate in real time a fine-grained vision of the recruitment behavior of listed unicorns and digital native companies.

The data are irrefutable: the best only work with the best – and more specifically, with the Top 1-3-5% of engineers and developers in the world.

Top 1-3-5%: The right skills at each level of recruitment

  • Top 1%

    The Top 1% are the highest level of the Top 3%. They know the strategic value of each technology. They integrate the entire product roadmap and are at the top of the technical architecture team.

  • Top 3%

    The Top 3% are part of the Top 5% but with even more experience. Elite developers and committed technical architects, they are the backbone of exceptional tech teams at the heart of Agile production organizations.

  • Top 5%

    The Top 5% are developers who have mastered their roles, the behaviors of an Agile team, and ‘security by default’. Some are already technical architects who collaborate effectively with DevOps teams.

To discuss the advantages of integrating TOP profiles into your tech team, and view a demo of our method, book an appointment with one of our experts in staffing solutions.

SkillValue Insight provides an objective, 360-degree assessment

  1. Hard Skills

    Our web based SkillValue technical assessments cover 1,000+ engineering skills, with new ones added constantly, allowing us to configure customized assessments based on current and emerging technologies and roles.
  2. Soft Skills

    We use a Dreyfus skills assessment containing 45 templates and 373 skills – and growing. Assessments include human interviews using standardized questionnaires. Custom templates are created based on new needs.
  3. English

    We assess candidates for medium and advanced written and spoken English levels using both SKillValue and Dreyfus assessments and are currently integrating the widely accepted TOEFL and IELTS language certifications.
  4. Experience

    The algorithm looks for sustained evidence of a growth mindset, strong professionals who have progressively gained expertise and responsibility and even those who have contributed code or knowledge to their communities.

No matter what kind of team you need, hire smarter.

SkillValue Insight exceeds the competition in depth, breadth, and objectivity. This means that top engineering and agile talent is quickly matched to client projects.

Faster Staffing and Ramp-Up

Better profile vetting helps us hire talent faster and reduce the time needed for client review and onboarding.

Access to the Top 1-3-5% in Global Engineering

Our clients work with the “best of the best” specialists no matter what technical or agile specialties they require.

The “Right Fit” Every Time

We optimize the mix of technical and interpersonal collaboration skills to suit the needs of each project.