Managed Teams

Managed Teams

Our expert software development services leverage agile managed teams to speed delivery and seize business opportunities.

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Software Development with Pentalog Managed Teams

Pentalog is a globally ranked software development company. We help clients design, develop and scale custom software solutions that solve complex digital challenges and drive businesses success.

  • With a complement of specialized software and digital services, our dedicated teams provide full-cycle, agile development from custom application development to highly technical cloud-based solutions.
  • Our software development teams are fully equipped to help customers unleash innovation and transform ideas into business opportunities, leveraging a disciplined agile collaboration backbone.
  • Pentalog software development services help customers save time and money with streamlined access to top-level digital talent and efficiently managed teams, speeding delivery velocity and time to market.
  • Our delivery expertise helps advance innovation and transformation initiatives that drive business value, in partnership with remote team members who work as fully integrated members of client teams.

The Benefits of Pentalog Managed Teams

Proven Know How

A dedicated team works to transform your vision into reality.

Client Control

Our governance models ensure regular client engagement.

Faster Go-To-Market

Autonomous, self-organizing product teams speed backlog delivery.

Continuous Improvement

Agile methodology means continuous iteration and improvement.

Why develop software with a Managed Team?

Software development is a team sport. At Pentalog, delivering the best results for our clients starts by hiring the best people and forging strong collaborations that transform client visions into successful applications.

  • Pentalog managed teams are equipped with the cross-functional technical and collaboration skills needed to efficiently deliver complex software and web applications.
  • At Pentalog, agile team management roles include Scrum Masters who promote efficiency and velocity and Product Owners who work seamlessly with business stakeholders.
  • We believe great products emerge from collaborative client relationships, with highly skilled, self-organizing teams empowered to solve problems and make decisions.

How do we hire top-level talent? By working smarter.

With SkillValue Insight, Pentalog’s proprietary talent management system, we onboard top-level digital experts faster than ever.

SkillValue Insight takes a 360-degree view, assessing candidates for technical expertise, seniority, English proficiency, and leadership.
Our proprietary assessments identify “the best of the best” talent covering most popular software frameworks and methodologies.
Better talent management means the best profiles are matched to clients more precisely, always based on each project’s unique needs.