A sense of community, Agile Community

Agile Community at Pentalog Iasi

It is becoming increasingly clear that the Agile methodology is here to stay. Both well-established companies and startups practise Agile development in one form or another, thus being able to stay flexible, adapt to client needs and deliver top quality products. Pentalog has shifted to large-scale agility many years ago, increasing productivity while reducing time-to-market and minimizing risks. We want to continually learn and evolve, and we want to do it together, as a #PentaTeam! With that in mind, at ...
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Pentalog Software Factory: 2017 IT Outsourcing Price Catalog


Are you a digital startup looking to quickly ramp-up a full-stack development team to reduce time-to-market? Are you a software publisher in need for a temporary solution to handle peak loads related to new product launching? Are you an e-trader wishing a site redesign to improve user experience and gain client loyalty? Are you an industry player willing to upgrade your IS for increased security and productivity? You will all definitely find a solution among the 25 types of IT services offered by Pentalog ...
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#SWBlockChain: checked!


When? January 27-29 2017 Where? Caisse d’épargne Loire-Centre, in Orléans (France) Organizer? PENTALOG, of course! For quite some time now, Pentalog has been actively supporting events that bring together entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs and startup enthusiasts passionate about the latest technologies. Either they have a technical, design or business background, they are all there to put their ideas to the test. See how one can wisely choose their partners, build a minimum viable product and finally launch their own startup. Sounds great, doesn’t it? People ...
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Hackathons: The BEST way to Code Your Future

Best Hackathon Chisinau 2017

At an academic level, theory provides a foundation for experimentation and helps students figure out what career path they should pursue. In short, theory lays the groundwork that will allow for a more thorough approach to the field they decide to specialize in after graduation. Apart from the academic approach, when your goal is to excel at something, practical experience goes a long way and it can really make the difference when interviewing for your first IT job. Experience can ...
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2017, Digital Horribilis

Frédéric LASNIER

CEO & Chairman (Founding Partner)


2016 was a hectic year, both in terms of mindsets and geopolitical risks. No decision-maker can afford to ignore the world’s turmoil. But here I will focus on what lessons the digital sector should learn from the tech-related events of 2016. From social debates to politics and diplomacy, everything is now digital, even war. photo: Matthäus Wander – House of the Free Press (Casa Presei Libere) in Bucharest Putin invites himself to the US presidential elections 2016 was, first of all, the first ...
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