Edtech, legtech, healthtech, fintech: How Pentalog has become a lean massive disruption force

Frédéric LASNIER

CEO & Chairman (Founding Partner)


Pentalog currently counts 23 clients operating in these new economy sectors, from the US, UK, Switzerland to Sweden and France. Some of them have registered a stunning success, such as the Socrative student app, with 25 million downloads. Other game changers like Visiomed are already famous due to their medical apps and smart devices sold worldwide. Among them are also real estate managers having digitized hundreds of millions of m2. 150 of our Pentaguys are working for these sectors. In ...
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Why the Stakeholder should not be mistaken with the Product Owner


Agile Coach


Mistaking the Stakeholder with the Product Owner might lead to various dysfunctionalities with major impact on the delivered value. A stakeholder is anyone that can affect the product or be affected by it. Usually there are many stakeholders, with different expectations, levels of knowledge and availability for building the desired product. Stakeholders are the end users or their representatives, sponsors, part of the company’s management or different departments. A Product Owner is a single person who should pay attention to the stakeholders’ ...
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Will your dev team deliver on time?

Cristian ANGHEL

Team Leader Physical Layer

There are a lot of options on the IT&C market when you are looking for a dev team to help you create something like a webpage or an Android and iOS mobile app. Nowadays, anybody can learn a programming language on their own, like Java, Python, and PHP from books and online resources. However, before choosing your team you need to ask yourself if they will be able to deliver in time. In addition to the question of delivery time ...
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Ramp up your custom software development team in just 2 weeks’ time


Software development and business development are now one and the same thing. Market signs indicate that the most interesting software development trends IT companies should keep an eye on are mobile apps, agile practices, security, cloud computing, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality and the Internet of Things. That being said, tech-enabled solutions are essential for the survival of businesses, no matter their location on the globe or time differences. Yet, the decision regarding the choice of their software development provider is ...
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What kind of IoT project can you ask Pentalog to do?


In a world where connected devices have already outpaced the world’s population, many voices claim that emphasis should rather switch from their number to the value they bring to humankind, namely the power of software and services to enable the capture, interpretation, and action on data (source: IDC). In other words, if investment cards are well played, we can smartly use the IoT to collect real-time data to leverage information and turn it into action. Ask the Pentalog experts to come ...
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