Offshore Outsourcing to Vietnam: Myths and Reality

Jean Paul Lacombe

IT Project Director

Vietnam, and Southeast Asia in general, often get a bad rap as an IT outsourcing destination but I would like to set the record straight. I work as a project director in Vietnam and help coordinate Pentalog’s teams in Hanoi when they are developing our client’s projects. I know firsthand that developers in Vietnam can code just as well as any offshore, nearshore, or even in-house teams and will share my firsthand experience to drive this point home. Dispelling Myths Low English ...

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Launch your Minimum Viable Product on time and on budget

Sophie Lelarge


When developing a minimum viable product (MVP), minimizing cost and time to market are top priorities. The point of an MVP is to test the waters and see if a new idea is viable. If the concept is proven to have potential after the MVP is released more time can be spent building additional features to create a more polished product. There is no point dumping a ton of resources into what is basically a test project. One way to quickly ...

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AngularJS or ReactJS: Choosing Between JavaScript Frameworks

AngularJS or ReactJS

Even with all of the information that is available online about AngularJS and ReactJS it is still difficult to decide which of these open-source JavaScript frameworks to use when developing a relevant project. In order to add to the discussion I interviewed two of Pentalog’s Front-End Developers who are actively working on projects using these frameworks. Laurentiu has been part of the team working on Aktan’s service design platform for more than 2 years and has gained a lot of experience in using AngularJS ...

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No kidding, I’m inviting you to Vietnam!

Frédéric LASNIER

CEO & Chairman (Founding Partner)

No kidding, I'm inviting you to Vietnam!

Do you have a digital project? I decided to invite you to join me in a trip to Hanoi (Vietnam) from October 30th to November 3rd to visit our programming center there. We will cover the costs of your round trip plane ticket, meals, and 2 nights of accommodation (of course you are free to stay longer at your own expense). The only condition is to have the intention to outsource the development or maintenance of a software project. Program includes: Determine if Vietnam ...

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Managing Technical Debt: Balancing Speed and Quality

Cosmin POP

Agile Coach

Managing Technical Debt

Special thanks to George Naftanaila and Daniel Radu for sharing great ideas about managing technical debt. Their valuable contribution led to the writing of an important part of this article.   Tick-tock, tick-tock … It’s time-to-market! But is your software product ready to compete in a constantly evolving industry? In a competitive market you will often have to implement quick solutions that, unless managed properly, will burden you with technical debt in the long run. When deciding to implement quick workarounds to ...

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