How Trump will blow up the demand for offshore services against all odds…

Frédéric LASNIER

CEO & Chairman (Founding Partner)


… as the Brexit is already in the process of doing. Source: Shutterstock Talking from our own experience, we have to admit that never before has our company received so many requests for offshore services coming from the UK… than following the Brexit! A paradox? I think not. Trump’s victory should have a similar impact in the US. As I have already said it in a previous article, which brought us a £600K customer just a few days following its posting, the fear ...
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Investing in Romania’s IT potential

IT services at Pentalog

The value of Hi-Tech outsourcing services on the export market has experienced a significant growth in relation to last year’s performance, with 16% more, which makes it a record number in Romania, according to the data provided by Romania’s Central Bank. The IT market has continued its expansion, solidifying its presence on the Romanian export map and becoming one of the most steady and reliable sources of economic development. In fact, it has exceeded tourism revenue for the fourth consecutive ...
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Empowering student success with Pentastagiu

As a student or fresh college graduate, one’s immediate concern is getting real-world work experience, turning the knowledge they’ve accumulated into practice and gaining the much-needed confidence to pursue the career they’ve been preparing for. And while they’re exposed to many opportunities, there’s a slight reluctance when it comes to actually applying for a position. This may be because students feel either unqualified for a certain job, lacking both the discipline and the professional interactions on a day-to-day basis, or ...
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A sense of community, Agile Community

Agile Community at Pentalog Iasi

It is becoming increasingly clear that the Agile methodology is here to stay. Both well-established companies and startups practise Agile development in one form or another, thus being able to stay flexible, adapt to client needs and deliver top quality products. Pentalog has shifted to large-scale agility many years ago, increasing productivity while reducing time-to-market and minimizing risks. We want to continually learn and evolve, and we want to do it together, as a #PentaTeam! With that in mind, at ...
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Pentalog Software Factory: 2017 IT Outsourcing Price Catalog


Are you a digital startup looking to quickly ramp-up a full-stack development team to reduce time-to-market? Are you a software publisher in need for a temporary solution to handle peak loads related to new product launching? Are you an e-trader wishing a site redesign to improve user experience and gain client loyalty? Are you an industry player willing to upgrade your IS for increased security and productivity? You will all definitely find a solution among the 25 types of IT services offered by Pentalog ...
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