Pentalog clients attending #CES2017

Almost 4 000 exhibiting companies and 165 000 attendees from 150 countries are expected next January (05-08th) at the famous International CES®, the world’s largest annual event for consumer IT and smart devices. The tradeshow will be featuring amazing startups as well as internationally established tech powerhouses that come to Las Vegas to introduce their latest innovations to the global market. Again this year, several US and European Pentalog clients will be exhibitors on the show. They are cutting-edge businesses in ...
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Chisinau Startup Week 2016

Mutruc Elena

Delivery Center Manager - Chisinau

chisinau startup week 2016

Holidays are coming and it’s time to celebrate! We are thrilled to congratulate our fellow Moldovan IT community on starting a new tradition in November: Chisinau Startup Week. During a five-day marathon, local entrepreneurs, startup founders and potential partners enjoyed this Techstars initiative in a relaxed atmosphere where they exchanged with local and international speakers on how to create, promote and make their startup a success. Of course Pentalog couldn’t have missed this amazing opportunity to contribute to the training of ...
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There’s no fairer remuneration than the one that combines salary, capital and capital income

Frédéric LASNIER

CEO & Chairman (Founding Partner)

capital income and salary

When we created Pentalog in 1993, we strongly believed that company development should systematically go hand in hand with regular opening-up of capital. Although this is still valid for me even now, more than 20 years later, I have to admit that the adverb “systematically” might have been a little bit ambitious. We were, after all, only 23 years old at that time. Not everybody can receive capital shares. On the one hand, because the employee does neither want to ...
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E-commerce development: a CIO choses our IT outsourcing services


Sales Director (Founding Partner)

e-commerce infographic

The CIO of a Top 100 e-commerce company in France has contacted Pentalog for staffing a PHP development team. Their e-commerce development project will be soon outsourced. To recruit or to staff? To recruit or to staff, this is the question that all CIOs ask themselves. Do you have an e-commerce development project? Contact me and let’s talk. On the one hand, if you recruit, you’ll be able to rely on an e-commerce development team onsite, a team that will be directly involved in the ...
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Business Angels of the software industry – do get the balance right!

HR IT industry

Top 3 HR issues in the IT industry: Not enough good technical guys, not enough enthusiasm, lack of ideas generated bottom-up I’ve been working in the software industry in Romania for more than 15 years, trying to find my way in different scenarios: off-the-shelf SW implementations, outsourcing, and product development. Each system had its own particularities, its own issues and its own strengths and I enjoyed the road. I still do. During all this time, one of the companies’ main concerns was the ...
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