Front-End Community: Knowledge Sharing at its best

We build expertise and enhance our skills set together, we jump at any opportunity to grow and we do it as a team! Each Pentalog office has developed a knowledge-sharing community for subjects ranging from Agile to Product Ownership, QA and Front-End development. We have slowly but surely brought together a beautiful group of people to create a common space for knowledge sharing and progress. In a previous post, we talked about the Agile Community in Iasi, this post is dedicated ...
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Visiting your Outsourced Development Team is a Key to Project Success

When Skype Isn’t Enough Is it worth flying out to visit your outsourced development teams? While there is no formula to calculate how often you should visit an outsourced team, telecommunication has its limits and onsite visits are necessary for successful collaboration. Skype conversations and conference calls can only go so far when trying to integrate an outsourced team into your organization. Source: Shutterstock When to Visit Visiting is the most important when starting a project. It allows you to see how your offshore ...
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Ramp up the mobile team of your dreams in just 3 weeks and benefit from a 10% discount


Access Pentalog’s price list. Did you know that 99.6 % of new smartphones run Android or iOS? We already know that mobile design and developers are scarce resources and that ramping up an expert mobile team can be an annoying process. After a 2016 push for mobile, IT companies better brace themselves: the latest predictions show that 2017 is going to be the year of a mainstream adoption of mobile technologies, especially Android. So get ready! Since mobile computing has become the ...
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Android vs iOS: Where to Start?

  The Importance of Apps If you want to appeal to the largest audience possible, mobile applications are a must. The amount of smart phone ownership is only going up and up and up and releasing an application will multiply the exposure of your brand. While it is true that conversion rates are higher for personal computers than mobile phones, this trend is starting to change. Recent developments like blockchain technology are changing the status of mobile payments with increased security and ...
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PentaBAR, an IT knowledge sharing event open to the entire IT community


As an eager promoter of IT excellence, Pentalog encourages the practice of IT knowledge sharing and continuous learning. Our resourceful Pentaguys are thirsty for knowledge and are always asking questions while at the same time being eager to share their knowledge with others. For all topics, knowledge sharing is one of the keys of the learning process. Hearing about a topic of interest, approaching it, discussing it with other colleagues and specialists in the field, and finally preaching about it is a ...
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