Ecommerce: make sure your site is HTTPS secured


Summer is near… so all ecommerce merchants should prepare their websites and infrastructure for a sales blooming season. This means securing your clients’ sensitive data when making online payments and logging in to their accounts, for instance. HTTPS should be a top concern on all your projects. It is essential to comply with the latest security standards for web, mobile and hybrid apps. As everybody knows that less traffic means less business, security protocols should be implemented to both protect ...
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How #Blockchain will accelerate innovation: webinar replay

If you missed our latest Blockchain webinar on March 20th, don’t worry. You can always watch the replay and hear what our experts, Aymeric Libeau, IT consultant, and Aymen Chakhari, data scientist, have to say about the Blockchain technology and its potential to accelerate innovation and how it can contribute to the digital transformation process of your business: Things have changed a lot in the last 10 years and new requirements have emerged. As lots of personal data are ...
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Is Marketing Automation Right for You?

Nick Haby

Digital Marketing Manager - Revsquare

Are you looking to improve your conversion rates for 2017? Are you ready to optimize your marketing efforts? Pentalog has the marketing automation solutions you’ll need to achieve your business and marketing goals. On April 26th, 2017 at 12 noon ET, Pentalog will kickoff (you can subscribe here) its three-part marketing automation webinar series. The series is intended for marketers and technologists like yourself to learn about marketing automation and how to apply it to your business. Marketing automation is not email ...
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Travel Through Time Abord the Pentalog Platform. Growth Hacking and Figures from 2017-2020

Frédéric LASNIER

CEO & Chairman (Founding Partner)


The Pentalog platform is about growth hacking on an exponential scale. Need a team of 10 Python developers? You can start a team in as little as a 2 weeks’ time and have it ramped up and fully staffed in a maximum of 6. You want to sell your product in the US? RevSquare offers its digital marketing expertise and 300 content journalists as well as its audience, content and automation strategies in Paris or on Broadway. Or maybe you need a ...
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Eric Gouin, the newly appointed interim CEO of SkillValue, will help boost its growth

Ioana Cosmina TRIFAN

Chief Marketing Officer

The Pentalog Platform, a digital one-stop-shop dedicated to the IT world, is experiencing an acceleration that began last December via it’s acquisition of RevSquare. This NY-based digital marketing agency has turned our dream of creating a cross-selling platform into a reality in just 2 months! Accelerating Pentalog’s HR spin-off… Our plan is to keep strengthening each layer of our service pyramid. After consolidating the digital strategy brick, now the focus is on human resources: SkillValue. SkillValue is the startup studio created by Pentalabbs and Pentalog in ...
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