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Digital Consulting

Digital consulting accelerates business transformation with analytics-driven, outcomes-focused support for product innovation, launch, and scaling.

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Digital Consulting to Power Transformation

Pentalog experts work across the product life cycle to define digital strategy, amplify growth drivers, and transform the ways our clients serve their customers.

In a digital world, you need digital know-how for mission-critical projects to enable technology and unleash the potential of products and services.

Our consultants bring deep know-how in agility, cloud, solution design, security, and digital strategy, among other areas, to automate, reduce risk and increase resilience.

We build collaboration models to speed delivery of customer value, aligned with business strategy, and iterated for sustainability over time.

The Benefits of Digital Consulting Services

Work with Experts

Our global network lets you access elite-level talent.

Solve Hard Problems

We bring a results-oriented focus to getting it done.

Execute Quickly

We can often provide a senior expert in days.

Scale as Needed

Work with our consultants for as long as you need.

Why work with Digital Consultants?

Finding expert-level talent for complex digital problems can be a challenge, especially for short-term assignments or when needs change quickly.

With hands-on experience across thousands of digital-first projects, Pentalog’s senior experts bring robust industry expertise to guide clients along the digital journey.

Clients come to us for consulting skills to enable organizational transformation and modernize delivery and scaling across the product life cycle.

How do we hire top-level talent? By working smarter.

With SkillValue Insight, Pentalog’s proprietary talent management system, we onboard top-level digital experts faster than ever.

SkillValue Insight takes a 360-degree view, assessing candidates for technical expertise, seniority, English proficiency, and leadership.
Our proprietary assessments identify “the best of the best” talent covering most popular software frameworks and methodologies.
Better talent management means the best profiles are matched to clients more precisely, always based on each project’s unique needs.