Who we are

Paving the way to a better future

Making a commitment to our local communities

In 1993, five students with an entrepreneurial spirit founded Pentalog. Nearly 30 years later, they continue to share their vision, values, and passion with new generations of digital specialists.

Our values

We’ve built this company on a set of core values embraced by every team member who joins the Pentalog adventure.


Pentalog strives to make an impact
in our communities through:

  • Educational projects
  • Social and environmental volunteerism
  • Work-life balance
  • Involvement in professional groups and organizations
  • Sharing innovation with decision-makers

Our priorities


Education is our number one priority. At Pentalog, we’re passionate about IT, and we want to share our passion with younger generations. We organize internships, university courses, presentations, training sessions, and hackathons. We build lasting partnerships with specialized universities.

Here are some real-world examples of our educational initiatives:

  • PentaStagiu is a training program for students in Romania. Thanks to this program, hundreds of students have gained practical experience and studied technologies that startups use.
  • Organized by Romania’s Ministry of Education, “Open Doors” days allow students to explore IT careers during their school breaks.
  • Another favorite school initiative is AVE – The Leadership Academy. As part of this program, our Chief Customer Success Officer for Europe and Asia, Monica Jiman, coached a senior high school director for one year. Our team also trained future professionals on agility, product management, and product development.
  • PentaBAR is a series of meetups that started in Pentalog Braşov in 2016 and then expanded to other delivery centers. During these informal meetings, the local IT community discusses current tech and business innovations. We encourage knowledge-sharing on topics of interest to the community.
  • University courses
  • Summer school for university and high school students
  • Supporting student teams participating in international competitions

Promoting a healthy lifestyle

Our employees motivate and inspire us to participate in and support a variety of community sports events.

Through our PentaSport program, we support and promote:

  • Local sports events – marathons, cross-country races, cycling competitions, football and table tennis competitions, and more.
  • PentaBike, cycling competitions
  • PentalogOpen, a tennis tournament organized annually in Braşov,
  • We also encourage brain training through our Board Games Nights, PentaPuzzle and chess competitions.

Our teams participate in many community charity sports competitions:

The Brasov Heroes competition, supports community projects proposed by local associations.

Our employees in Cluj were part of Walking Month to raise money to buy two vehicles to transport people with reduced mobility.

We also helped Casiopeea’s Cross in Bucharest with fundraising for the purchase of breast prostheses.

And Swimathon, in Iasi, funds several local initiatives.

And since we know scrum, an obvious choice was to sponsor a Rugby team. We chose CS Manastur in Cluj because they share our values: excellence, passion, courage, and team spirit. We’ve also supported the club’s junior team since 2018.

Community involvement

In every Pentalog production center location, we support the efforts of local non-profits. Some of our initiatives include:

  • In partnership with the Regina Maria Foundation, we launched the Uniti Pentru Inimi Sanatoase or United for Healthy Hearts initiative. As part of this project, we purchased medical equipment for the Baba Novac social hospital in Bucharest to provide free consultations and quality care for 750 uninsured patients.
  • We equipped a playroom for pediatric cancer patients at Sf Maria Hospital in Iasi. We also help to develop specialized medical care for critically ill patients, which is uncommon in Romania.
  • We partner with several Romanian associations, including Copiii de Cristal, Fundatia Rafael, Casa Valentina, Familia Regasita, Pro Life, Little People, Bethany, Padocul Tomesti, and Asociatia Maria Holtzhauser.
  • We’ve designated the month of December as “the month of generosity” at Pentalog. Every year we organize Christmas fairs to raise money for charitable causes. Since 2016, we’ve partnered with ShoeBox to collect money for Christmas gifts. In 2018, we raised enough money to purchase gifts for 80 children.
  • Our Skill Value division is a partner of the MAGICamp project, dedicated to creating and animation summer camps in Romania for children suffering from cancer.

Protecting the environment

Actions focused on the protection of the environment are another major priority for us:

  • In 2017 we joined “SOS Attitude.” The goal of this non-profit is to create a network of volunteers and organizations to respond to natural disasters. To become the representatives of the organization in the Balkans, 60 Pentalog collaborators trained in near extreme conditions.
  • Another project close to our heart is “New Trees for a New Life.” In November 2018 we braved the cold temperatures to replant 200 trees near Bucharest. We’ve also planted trees in the Dobrovat Forest near Iasi.
  • In 2018 we became partners with Se Poate. The same year, we participated World Clean Up Day with Let’s do it Romania.