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IT Development Technologies With 1,300 English-speaking, in-house engineers, Pentalog covers the latest technologies demanded by the market

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At Pentalog,

you choose the right team and tech for your project:

Agile methods

A 100% commitment to building trust and transparency

Developing high-quality digital products requires trust and transparency. That’s what we work with each customer to define mutual accountabilities and focus the whole team on “getting the job done.”

We call this our Collaboration Framework, a continuously evolving set of good practices that meet and exceed industry standards.

By establishing high-performing collaborations with customers, we’ve learned how to increase velocity (the delivery of project value) while reducing the waste that can impede successful project delivery.

It’s a commitment across our company.

Choose the right technology for your project

Selecting the right technology is critical to your project’s success. Our knowledge of the latest IT technology trends means you receive advice that you can trust.

Our CTOs also choose technologies that best meet your time and budget constraints. If you’ve already selected a technology, we can help you find the right IT specialist.

The selection of specialists

The demand for IT specialists continues to grow, making to challenging to recruit the best team for your needs. To address this skills gap, in 2010, Pentalog launched the SkillValue talent management platform.

We’ve evaluated 1M developers with more than 600 IT tests covering 160 skills. In this private community, our CTOs find the right developer for your needs.

We follow tests with one or more technical validation interviews to evaluate the skills for software development. We only offer certified specialists: full-stack developers, back-end, front-end, mobile, data and testing specialists, product owners, and CTOs.

Before signing the contract, our clients can evaluate the technical skills of their IT team and freelance candidates for free.

Continuous training
Before each project, we creates a “skills map”t that defines the know-how and training a project will require.. We use the Pluralsight e-learning platform to fill in any gaps,. An instructor supplements courses on a case-by-case basis. Training varies from 3-4 hours to several days.