Board of Directors


CEO & Chairman (Founding Partner)

Frédéric Lasnier is a serial entrepreneur, VC and relentless globetrotter passionate about IT and the development of emerging markets. He founded Pentalog together with four university mates in 1993 in Orléans, France. Since 1997 he has set up 8 branch offices in Europe, 1 in Asia and 2 in North America, enabling Pentalog to become a leading IT engineering service provider with global reach and high growth performance.
Since 2010, Frederic has also founded Pentalabbs (start-up accelerator and VC) and has been a VC partner at several French and US startups.


Senior Consultant (Senior Partner)

Aymeric Libeau joined Pentalog in 1994 and has held various positions over the years, including IT Project Director, IT Architect, Technical Consultant. He is the one who defined Pentalog’s infrastructure and information system development strategy and led large international IT operations. He also set up the company’s cloud computing service offer and is deeply involved in clients’ digital transformation projects.


CEO Software Factory

Monica Jiman joined Pentalog in 2003 as a young graduate trainee. One year later, she took over the management of the Pentalog Bucharest branch office, focusing on local business development. In 2009, Monica then went to Hanoi to supervise the implementation of the company’s first Asian delivery centre before being appointed Group COO for 2 years.
As Pentalog’s Deputy CEO since 2011, her responsibilities include production management as well as the administration and development of strategic partnerships. She is a Foreign Trade Advisor to the French government in Romania.


CQO & CIO (Founding Partner)

Aleth Delcenserie used to conduct editing and electronic media projects for many years within Pentalog’s graphics and BPO departments.
In 2007 she was appointed to define and implement the Pentalog Group Quality Policy, reaching ISO 9001:2008 certification in December 2008.
She is now responsible for controlling efficiency and upgrading the ISO repository to CMMI and ensuring continuous improvement of processes and practices. She is also in charge of of the Group’s technical infrastructure and internal application development and operation.


CFO (Senior Partner)

Since 1996, Virginie has been implementing Pentalog’s financial, administrative and legal tools and processes. She has been successfully managing the company’s accounting and administration team for many years and supported several crucial projects related to the company’s international expansion (creation of Pentalog branch offices and joint-ventures in Germany, Romania, Moldova, Vietnam and the USA).
She assists the CEO with complex issues concerning long-term asset management and equity participations through Pentalabbs.


Pentalabbs CEO (Senior Partner)

Eric Gouin joined Pentalog in 1999 at the time of the first nearshore subsidiary creation in Romania. Since then, he has held several key positions including Project Director, Production Manager, Consultant in the banking and embedded systems sectors.
Eric has always been deeply involved in the company’s strategic projects, especially in the development of several startups in the Pentalog Ecosystem (co-founder of People Centric). He now runs Pentalabbs, the Group’s startup accelerator & VC fund.


Senior Representative (Senior Partner)

Guy Lasnier started his career as a developer at Crédit Agricole and Cap Gemini. He then quickly took over managing responsibilities, holding positions such as head of department, head of business unit, HR manager and branch deputy director in large corporations such as Renault Industrial Vehicles (now Renault Trucks) and SchlumbergerSema (now Atos).
Since he has retired, he has been appointed by the Pentalog board of directors as a representative to complete strategic assignments: management training, collaboration protocols with international partners, real-estate project supervision (Pentalog headquarters).

Management team

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