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Kickstart your .NET project with an Outsourced Development Team!

Mickaël Hiver
Mickaël Hiver
Revenue Manager Europe & Asia

Your .NET Nearshore Development Team in Romania can start coding in 30 days!

Looking for .NET developers to ramp up your internal efforts? Enlist the help of an outsourced IT team and tap into the expertise of highly skilled tech professionals.

A Scrum Master, 4 developers and 1 tester are ready to take on your project starting early January!

Team Familiarity. Skip the learning curve & work with a team who has already coded together.
Availability. Kickstart your project as early as Jan. 3rd.
– Cost Control. Receive a 10% discount on our nearshore Romania prices your first month & a 5% discount each month after that.
Lean & Agile Practices. Take advantage of best code quality practices & frequent deliveries.

Start building your team now!


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Romania is one of the most competitive IT outsourcing destinations in Eastern Europe. Pentalog has had offices there since 1999 with 4 Delivery Centers to develop your software projects, e-commerce marketplaces, mobile apps, etc; 

Interested in outsourcing your project in Brasov?



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