Offshore IT Outsourcing: How to Prepare

Chris Hote

VP of North American sales

Before you decide to hire and work with an offshore team you need to make sure you are actually prepared to engage such a team. The first thing you need to organize for IT outsourcing is yourself. Have a project that is clearly defined, decide who is managing what, and choose a product owner. The product owner is the one whose role it is to captain this whole venture. Have someone who is ready to to manage the stakeholder’s expectations ...
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Will your dev team deliver on time?

Cristian ANGHEL

Team Leader Physical Layer

There are a lot of options on the IT&C market when you are looking for a dev team to help you create something like a webpage or an Android and iOS mobile app. Nowadays, anybody can learn a programming language on their own, like Java, Python, and PHP from books and online resources. However, before choosing your team you need to ask yourself if they will be able to deliver in time. In addition to the question of delivery time ...
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The Scrum Master Paradox

Gabriel Barbur

Scrum Master

scrum master - leader

“Don’t hate what you don’t understand.” – John Lennon Yet even if you try to understand, the role and existence of the Scrum Master are subject to intrigue. Starting with the name and going through to the most elaborated definition, the shape and substance of this new character is an opportunity for debate. Etymologically speaking, Scrum refers to a rugby play formation where the team gels together to achieve a common goal by taking the game rules to a state of the ...
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Lookalike audiences: learn how to advertise on Facebook

Do you know how to advertise on Facebook the smart way? Is your current audience small or not responding enough to your ads? What are Facebook lookalike audiences? Lookalike audiences is a Facebook Ads feature that enables your online advertising manager to scale Facebook advertising by targeting people who are similar to your most valuable audiences, which means your current and best customers and clients. Creating a lookalike audience allows you to target 20 times more people than a custom audience and will include ...
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Agile transformation: connecting the dots of a two-year transition to agile best practices


Agile Coach

Agile Transformation - transition to the Agile mindset and team collaboration

Finding a way to increase the visibility of projects while ensuring a high level of team motivation and client satisfaction is one of our main objectives. Through the Guépard program, which was launched two years ago, we have managed to re-think our approach to project management and introduce the Agile mindset to our teams. We are now already preparing for our third year of transition and the results of our efforts are illustrated by every successfully delivered software solution proving ...
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