Preliminary signs of your CTO’s technical and psychological depression

Frédéric LASNIER

CEO & Chairman (Founding Partner)

CTO’s technical and psychological depression

Since I got into this business, I have heard all sorts of excuses that technical managers use to avoid performing a technical audit or as reasons not to outsource some part of their project. When it comes to making a decision about outsourcing maintenance or development processes, the main excuses used to avoid these solutions are related to IP security risk or the risk of losing technical control over a project. The former makes absolutely no sense with a provider like ...

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Look South for your Next IT Outsourcing Partner


When someone mentions outsourcing our minds automatically think of a far away offshore destination like India. However, for the US and Canada, outsourcing can just as well refer to nearshore destinations like South America. Although South American is not so geographically close to US startups, the time zone congruence is what makes it a nearshore location. The obvious advantages of outsourcing to South America is the lower cost of labor and common working hours, all or most of your working ...

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Agility and Fast Ramp Up: Two Paths to Project Success

agility and fast ramp up

We always talk a lot about Agile Methodologies and Fast Ramp Up, extolling the virtues of these concepts and how they will set your project up for success. Today I will continue to sing the praises of these concepts but instead of just explaining how they will help you with this, that, and the other thing I will provide concrete examples of how each of them were crucial for two of our client’s projects. The Agile Path to Project Success Let’s start ...

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Offshore IT Outsourcing: How to Prepare

Chris Hote

VP of North American sales


Before you decide to hire and work with an offshore team you need to make sure you are actually prepared to engage such a team. The first thing you need to organize for IT outsourcing is yourself. Have a project that is clearly defined, decide who is managing what, and choose a product owner. The product owner is the one whose role it is to captain this whole venture. Have someone who is ready to to manage the stakeholder’s expectations ...

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Will your dev team deliver on time?

Cristian ANGHEL

Team Leader Physical Layer


There are a lot of options on the IT&C market when you are looking for a dev team to help you create something like a webpage or an Android and iOS mobile app. Nowadays, anybody can learn a programming language on their own, like Java, Python, and PHP from books and online resources. However, before choosing your team you need to ask yourself if they will be able to deliver in time. In addition to the question of delivery time ...

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