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AngularJS or ReactJS: Choosing Between JavaScript Frameworks

AngularJS or ReactJS

Even with all of the information that is available online about AngularJS and ReactJS it is still difficult to decide which of these open-source JavaScript frameworks to use when developing a relevant project. In order to add to the discussion I interviewed two of Pentalog’s Front-End Developers who are actively working on projects using these frameworks. Laurentiu has been part of the team working on Aktan’s service design platform for more than 2 years and has gained a lot of experience in using AngularJS ...

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Virtual Reality – the start of the next computing revolution


Surely you’ve played a video game that felt so real that you wanted to pinch yourself. Or maybe you’ve watched the birth of a tornado on a meteor website just for fun. If you’re really lucky, you’ve probably even developed virtual reality applications for PCs, consoles or mobile devices. Specialists say that virtual reality is the next big thing in the tech field and there are many reasons why important companies all over the word invest heavily in web VR ...

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Pentalog Software Factory: 2017 IT Outsourcing Price Catalog

Are you a digital startup looking to quickly ramp-up a full-stack development team to reduce time-to-market? Are you a software publisher in need for a temporary solution to handle peak loads related to new product launching? Are you an e-trader wishing a site redesign to improve user experience and gain client loyalty? Are you an industry player willing to upgrade your IS for increased security and productivity? You will all definitely find a solution among the 25 types of IT services offered by Pentalog ...

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One (or two) Pentastock festivals in 2013?

Frédéric LASNIER

CEO & Chairman (Founding Partner)

Pentalog has taken the decision to celebrate its 20 years of existence. All those who took part in Pentastock 2010, celebrating 10 years of Pentalog in Romania and 5 years of Pentalog in the Republic of Moldova, remember this extraordinary and boisterous party preceded by a double concert of Bere Gratis and Iris for us only. This first festival brought together about 250 Pentalogians from the Balkans. 20 years ago, almost to the day, the first Pentalogians, still at the University ...

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Start-up incentives for innovating companies

Aymeric LIBEAU

Senior Consultant (Senior Partner)

On March 21st I took part in États Généraux du Cloud organised by EuroCloud France association. It was a truly dynamic day with rich exchanges during the workshops, quality participants and companies that really deserved their prizes. During this event, Ms Laure de la Raudière, MP (UMP) has made an interesting intervention talking about her vision of the digital economy where cloud has definitely a significant place. The participants have largely admitted that the innovation and research & development start-up incentives are, ...

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