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ChatGPT-4 Release Notes : The User Experience Upgraded

Alexandru Hutanu
Alexandru Hutanu
Engineering Manager

In this blog post, we will provide a detailed and comprehensive overview of the ChatGPT release notes, which can be found at the chat OpenAI Help Center or their search results. We will discuss the various updates and features introduced in different versions of ChatGPT, focusing on the improvements and enhancements made to the artificial intelligence model. This article aims to provide valuable insights into the evolution of the ChatGPT platform and its capabilities in the most relevant ways.


What is the latest updated version of chatgpt?

OpenAI has once more captured attention by realising the most recent iteration of ChatGPT, namely GPT-4. This current version of chatgpt was officially released on March 13, 2023, and represents a significant advancement and decision in AI integration. GPT-4 goes beyond its predecessor, GPT-3.5, offering enhanced functionalities, improved safety measures, and greater responsiveness. Below, we will delve into ChatGPT 4 – here’s a complete list of new features for the latest update on ai systems.


Latest update in the world  (August 3)


 1. Sample Prompts:

  • Overcoming the challenge of a blank page, new chats now display examples to assist you in initiating conversations.

2. Recommended Responses:

  • Enhance your discussions with a single click. Use ChatGPT in order to get pertinent suggestions for continuing your conversation.

3. Default GPT-4 for Plus Users:

  • As a Plus user, when initiating a new chat, ChatGPT will recall your previously chosen model, eliminating the need to revert from GPT-3.5.

4. Multi-file Upload Capability:

  • ChatGPT now allows you to request data analysis and insight generation across multiple files. This feature is accessible through the Code Interpreter beta for all Plus users.

5. Persistent Login:

  • The inconvenience of being logged out every 2 weeks is no more! When login is required, you will be welcomed by a more user-friendly page.

6.Keyboard Shortcuts:

  • Expedite your work with shortcuts, such as ⌘ (Ctrl) + Shift + ; for copying the last code block. Access the full list of shortcuts with ⌘ (Ctrl) + /.

ChatGPT's Latest Updates


Introducing the ChatGPT App for Android (July 25)

Are you behind on the latest updates? Check out the most important ones – as an addition to the iOS ChatGPT app released at the beginning of the year, one of the most notable updates to ChatGPT is the introduction of the ChatGPT app for Android devices. This app allows users to access and interact with ChatGPT on their smartphones, making it more convenient and accessible for a wider audience.

Custom Instructions and new features in Beta (July 20)

Another significant update is the rollout of custom instructions in beta. This feature enables users to provide specific instructions to ChatGPT, allowing for more tailored and personalized responses from the AI model.

 Higher Message Limits and Faster ChatGPT for Plus Users

Based on user feedback, ChatGPT Plus users now have access to a faster version of ChatGPT, formerly known as “Turbo”. This update aims to improve the user experience by providing quicker response times. Additionally, higher message limits have been introduced for Plus users, allowing for more extensive conversations with the AI model.

 Third-Party Plugins Integration

ChatGPT functions now support the integration of third-party plugins. To use these plugins, users can follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to https://chat.openai.com/
  2. Select “Plugins” from the model switcher
  3. In the “Plugins” dropdown, click “Plugin Store” to install and enable new plugins

This feature allows users to enhance their ChatGPT experience with additional functionalities provided by third-party developers and custom instructions.

Enabling Beta Features

ChatGPT Plus users have the opportunity to access and try out experimental features. To enable beta features, users can:

  1. Click on “Profile & Settings”
  2. Select “Beta features”
  3. Toggle on the features they’d like to try

This option allows Plus users to experience the latest developments in ChatGPT and provide valuable feedback for further improvements.


International Availability of ChatGPT Plus

This is a reminder that on Feb 13, ChatGPT Plus has been made available for purchase internationally. This expansion ensures that users from around the world can access the enhanced features and benefits offered by the Plus plan.


Choosing Between Different Versions of ChatGPT (Feb 9)

Plus users now have the ability to choose between different versions of ChatGPT. This feature allows users to select the version that best suits their needs and preferences, providing a more customized experience.

In conclusion, the ChatGPT release notes highlight the continuous improvements and enhancements made to the AI model. With features such as the iOS & Android app, custom instructions, third-party plugins, and beta access, ChatGPT aims to provide a more versatile and engaging experience for its users. By staying up-to-date with these release notes, users can ensure they are making the most of their ChatGPT experience.