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Pentalog joins Globant… We can be proud!

Frédéric Lasnier
Frédéric Lasnier
Chief Executive Officer, Pentalog

Of all the blog posts I’ve written, this one is by far the most important.

This year, we are celebrating Pentalog’s thirty-year anniversary with a bang. Thanks to the hundreds of people who have paved the way on this journey, including the people of today, Pentalog’s thirty years of creating have resulted in a gem in the market. I dare say it because I am proud: we have truly built an excellent company, with methods, values, and above all, a community of committed, positive, highly skilled, and supportive individuals.

Pentalog joins Globant

For months, we have been wanting to take a new direction in this adventure. In a context of unprecedented technological acceleration, economic players must rise to tremendous challenges that push for critical mass. To meet the needs of tomorrow, outsourcing and consulting companies must offer cutting-edge studios that smaller players cannot access.

While continuing to produce with the same commitment, we explored the market worldwide to find the company of our dreams. I choose my words carefully here as well. When you have carried a business on your shoulders for thirty years, you want the best for the next chapter.

In all our benchmarks over the years, Globant has always stood out in my eyes. It is the company that I consider the most accomplished in the world in the realm of design, digital product development, and digital transformation.

The alignment happened naturally, in smooth conversations and meetings that quickly laid the foundation for a future agreement.

Now, we will be the best, but together!

Indeed, I believe we could not offer our clients and employees a better future for their projects and careers than joining this incredible company. Globant will provide us with an unprecedented international impact, with its presence in 25 countries and its 27,000 employees in the US, Latin America, the UK, Spain, Germany, India, and more.

Moreover, and most importantly, Pentalog’s clients and employees will gradually benefit from all the innovations developed by Globant over the years. These include industry reinvention studios (healthcare, sports, gaming, automotive, finance, airlines…), digital studios (blockchain, AI, metaverse, fast code…), and “Enterprise platforms” studios (Oracle, SAP, Process Optimization, Salesforce).

We will continue to develop the quality and expertise of Pentalog!

On our part, we will bring three fundamental things for the future development of the group.

  • Firstly, we will strengthen Globant’s European presence by quadrupling volumes in the Paris-Berlin-Vienna axis and increasing resources in Eastern Europe by a factor of 5.
  • Secondly, Pentalog will bring its unique tools to the market in terms of project performance management (Collaboration Framework, Maturity Models, Services Catalog) consolidated in Pentalog Connect, the service platform we have designed, which is increasingly in demand and well-received.
  • Lastly, the entire SkillValue universe, our historical talent evaluation platform, will be made available to the new entity, starting with our tools for indexing engineers’ technological performance. These tools have enabled Pentalog to be the only European company to claim that 75% of its employees belong to the top 5% of the software industry, with 20% of them belonging to the top 3%. In total, hundreds of thousands of engineers have taken tests on our platform. We are excited to scale all these innovations and market data within Globant!

For both Globant and Pentalog, this union is of great importance. As the CEO, who believes in purpose, values, and the significance of work, it opens up a wide avenue for the joy of innovation and developing new ideas.

My final words (although there will be more, given the strength of this story) are for you, clients, employees, partners, and associates who are reading this post. It has always been an incredible privilege to work alongside you, and I will not let go of it easily, as I will also have the happiness of continuing this adventure with you!

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for these 30 years of adventures and joy. And long may it continue!

PS: Discover the official press release here.


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