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6 solid reasons to attend hackathons


“What is all this buzz surrounding hackathons and why should I attend one?”If the above question ever popped in your head, and you happen to be a an IT enthusiast, then we’re happy to tell you – you’re in the right place!


In recent years, hackathons have experienced a significant growth in number and uptake across the globe.There are different types of hackathons, usually characterized by a marathon-like process of intense concentration and work, all boiling down to the same aim: designing a simple solution for a complex problem in a limited amount of time.You might think “OK, this sounds stressful!” but think about it, whenever evolution/innovation happened it always emerged out of a stressful context. The time constraints of hackathons force you learn to solve problems fast and focus on what’s really important. It’s all about just shipping. It’s often said: “Done is better than perfect.” So the main benefit you will get out of participating in such an event is the natural evolution of the mindset and a definite +1 to the problem solving skills.A good starting point when participating in a hackathon, you should bid for good and collaborative team members. The key to success is to start developing the solution as a team and not as an individual. Here’s a list of advantages that every participant may obtain by participating in the event:

    1. Discovering what you don’t know

Hackathons are the perfect combination between a social and a coding event. While interacting with people, you’ll learn what tools they use, what resources or what they’re planning on using.

    1. It’s a great way to share knowledge

Exploring where you fall short is good, but realizing what you do know is great! Moreover, you can expand your knowledge by teaching others. Just thinking how big technology is almost makes you grateful for the melange of people that go to this type of events, every single one with a different set of skills and expertise.

    1. Getting to build something over the weekend

The biggest confidence booster there is! You get to challenge your brain for innovative solutions. Even if most of the times your project will not be done, you and your team will get the awesome feeling of having guided an idea into existence. And that’s all that matters.

    1. Connect

You’ll meet many interesting, motivated people and connect with the IT community. Besides you get to spend a creative and collaborative weekend building something you’ll be proud of in the end.

    1. Learning to work in a stressful environment

Hackathons are time-sensitive, sometimes intense experiences that force people to work together. This makes for great bonding experiences.

    1. Grow as a developer

This event offers a great opportunity to make the hard and soft skills that build you up professionally visible to possible employers. Plus you’ll learn a lot just by collaborating with people, getting familiar with a framework that’s new to you, or simply from being there to ask and answer questions. You’ll notice that your programming skills improve with each such experience.

If it sounds like an experience you’d like to add to your professional development, than you’ll be happy to find out that starting from 12 and up to 14 of February BEST Chisinau will organize such an event. Their mission: to develop students. Over 40 young future engineers, passionate about technology and different ways of thinking are waiting for you at the hackathon! Pentalog has a similar objective related to the young generation of engineers and that’s why we teamed up and are eager to support this event. So there you have it – 6 reasons why you need to attend this February’s hackathon!See you there young and enthusiastic talents!

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