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The amazing experience of a hackathon


Hackathon Best

Since the first use of this concept to the day, hackathons have provided a really powerful vehicle for getting new people into the tech world. They are the perfect opportunity to dive in and learn a ton. It doesn’t matter how basic or advanced your skills are, a hackathon will always be a great place to learn something new.Still having a hard time believing in all the advantages a hackathon brings? Here’s what people who took part in such events think:“ A hackathon is an ideal opportunity for enthusiasts that would like to develop their coding abilities, algorithmic skills and software design skills that can be further transformed into commercial products and services. Following the coding marathon you have the opportunity to find out new programming best practices, principles and paradigms. You can also find a new future business partner or even a friend. ” – IT Enthusiast, methodology evangelist and GOF Expert | Alexandru O.If you are ready to accept new challenges, check your knowledge and try to solve a problem that you have never thought about, than join friends and come to the hackathon.This event will be a good way to check what you are good at, and how to train many other skills:+20 of power for team work+45 of power for finding quick and simple solutions+99 resistance to stressful situations+100 of power to your mindset” – IT Enthusiast and PHP Expert | Alexandru F.During this event you’ll encounter the following:

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Showcase of exceptional coding skills

  • Meet new people
  • Improve your programming skills
  • Challenge your brain to find innovative solutions
  • Develop “out of the box” rational judgment
  • Create something from nothing
  • Take your first step towards becoming a professional software developer
  • Enjoy creative and collaborative weekend
  • Travel through time by creating the future.” – IT Enthusiast, PentaHackathon 2014 winner and Java Expert | Maxim B.

Every young talent will be able to correctly evaluate their professional level and identify the exact perimeter of new skills to be gained. Every person is able to do more than they can imagine!”.- IT Enthusiast, JavaScript evangelist | GURU Sergiu G.A hackathon is an event organized by talented people for talented people. You don’t have to have supernatural skills or extraordinary knowledge in order to participate. You just have to be willing to try something new. During this event you’ll discover how you can apply your skills in development, management, design, art, idea generation, and solution election.” – IT Enthusiast, Web developpment | GURU Petru D.As a mentor for this hackathon I have my own series of expectations. So I’ll be looking to:

  • meet young talents
  • see simple and very clever solutions
  • have fun
  • share experience
  • see future IT stars

I guarantee it: approach hackathons with the willingness to meet people and to learn, and you’ll have a fantastic experience! See you there guys! Only a few days left to the hackathon!

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