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No more stereotypes! Diversity can help solve the tech workforce crunch

Elena Mutruc
Elena Mutruc
Customer Success Manager

Technological progress is accelerating, but the stagnation button could be triggered by the lack of talent. We can already feel it: the HR consultancy Korn confirms that the skills shortage will reach 4.3 million workers by 2030.

However, even if alarm bells are starting to ring, gender inequality continues to exist. The presence of women in STEM fields remain unsatisfactory.

According to the World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Report, women occupy just 31% of tech jobs. Moreover, when it comes to management positions, the share drops to 27.3%. The report also notes difficulties in career growth and lower salaries than men.

Let’s look at a typical local context in Eastern Europe. The National Bureau of Statistics in Moldova, for example, shows an identical situation to the global one: women occupy 31% of IT jobs and only 19% of digital professions. Not to mention the number who study STEM, just 4.6%.

TechWomenSummit infograph

The data show Moldova in the same position as the UK, and Vietnam is only 4% ahead, an insignificant difference. At the same time, France, Germany and Mexico, lag by 10% or more. In the US are about 28,8% of female workers in Tech.


But what do we see at Pentalog?

Pentalog actively supports diversity in tech. Currently, 35% of employees are women, and of these, 26% are involved in building software and 38% in management. For positions such as Tester and Product Owner, the balance tips the other way, showing 55%.

Our Pentalog Chisinau delivery center has a female-male ratio of 38% and 62%. More than that, leadership positions are held by women, an impressive 56%. And we look at branches in other countries, we see that Pentalog, in most cases, overtakes the countries data on the gender gap.

What’s our secret? For Pentalog, parity means equal rights, access to information and development opportunities for everyone. All are treated with respect and fairness. Skills, results and impact on the team and the community are what matter.


Why is diversity so important?

Beyond the challenges of hiring, diversity is all about innovation. Based on Pentalog’s practice, we see that once a company promotes diversity and inclusion among its employees, it benefits from access to different viewpoints, skills, creative approaches.

As a result, processes are improved, performance is greatly enhanced, and the chances to deliver a truly unique product are increased. Differences in backgrounds of great people foster innovation!

Tech Women Summit

If the benefits are obvious, why are so few women in tech?

Undoubtedly, the low number of women in tech begins with negative stereotypes and differences in access to tech education. If we want things to change, we need to start right here.

The family has a significant influence in shaping a child’s personality and the way the young person makes decisions. By supporting the development of tech talent, recognizing successes, and providing encouragement in difficult times, parents can help move the needle.

Schools are the next place to change. We need to eliminate outmoded and false gender clichés about success in tech. Once a teacher succeeds in cultivating a passion for the IT discipline, young people of any gender will consider a career in technology.


How can companies empower diversity?

Although inclusion is gaining ground within companies, many tech employers don’t know how to balance the situation in tech. I’ll name a few places to look:

  • Values. Change starts with the company culture. At Pentalog, diversity is part of the corporate DNA and is fostered through transparency, trust, collaboration, balance, empathy, and excellence.
  • Fair recruitment process. When it comes to recruitment is essential to have an impartial assessment process. Vacancies should be open to everyone, without gender bias.
  • Flexibility. Women should have the opportunity to continue their professional development instead of putting their careers on hold when they start a family. This means much more than remote work.
  • Models to follow. The leader sets the mood for the entire team. By offering equal opportunities based on skills and attitude, a leader can show that discrimination has no place in the company.


Mentoring encourages people to choose tech

The challenges of the professional are especially unkind for women. Data from a study led by Accenture and Girls who Code shows that 50% of women drop out of tech careers at 35, and only 21% believe they can succeed in the field. But networking and mentoring can change that.

Tech Women Summit collage

Tech Women Moldova started at the initiative of ATIC (Moldovan Association of ICT Companies) in 2018 to increase gender equality in IT. From here, a visionary organizational team was created, volunteers and ambassadors emerged to contribute to the development of the product. Pentalog has been involved from the start.

The gender gap is closing, but we should close it faster! ?



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