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Move to Cluj, the City of Opportunity

Anca Cristea
Anca Cristea
IT Recruitment Partner

How do you know when you’ve found the perfect place to spend the rest of your life?

It usually starts with imagining “what if” and experiencing many “wows”: you like everything about that city and can picture your life in detail there.

“Move to Cluj,” says a voice in your head as you walk around downtown, so you begin making plans.

Have you heard? Cluj is the best city in Romania to live in.We’re waiting for you with exciting career opportunities!


The Grass is Greener on the Other Side

Almost 2 years ago, when I relocated to Cluj from Bucharest, I was impressed by the residents of Transylvania – their laid-back attitude and calm.

The city was exactly what I was looking for! I needed some calm in my life.

Except for when the city is flooded by cohorts of young and restless culture and music fans, Cluj is a dynamic city in the heart of Romania, offering a balanced and enjoyable lifestyle.

move to cluj - relocation opportunities

Besides becoming an important business center in recent years, Cluj-Napoca has turned into an important destination for events: music festivals Untold and Electric Castle attract a loyal following, many of them foreigners.

This is what inspired me to move to Cluj so I can benefit from “la crème de la crème” in terms of entertainment, work opportunities, and much more.

The Hype is Real

Many have already relocated to Cluj, the Silicon Valley of Transylvania. The migration continues as Cluj attracts many educated and skilled workers.

Studies say that 15,3% of the Romanians with a clear intention of relocating would move to Cluj.

Why do people choose Cluj as their new hometown?

Several music and cultural festivals come to Cluj every year: Untold, Electric Castle, Jazz in the Park, Transylvania International Film Festival (TIFF), Mioritmic, etc – just to mention some of the most popular. The locals thrive, the economy grows, everybody is happy. It’s nice to ruffle some feathers in the comfort of your hometown.

The old center is like a hive most of the times; there’s movement and a constant buzz. People fill the cafes, shops, restaurants, and bars – sometimes it’s difficult to find a free seat at the table.

The city is constantly evolving, on par with Bucharest in terms of services, workforce, safety, medical facilities, transportation services, and traffic congestion management.

The quality of life here is the highest compared to every other Romanian city.

Many smart city projects have already been implemented: smart parking, free internet, electric car charging stations, online payment of taxes, electric buses, etc.

Babes-Bolyai University and the Technical University of Cluj produce the most IT graduates per year in Romania, more than 3,500.

In addition to being a renowned university center, the city in the heart of Transylvania is the heaven of computer specialists, famous for its tech hubs and talent pool. After Bucharest, Cluj’s IT sector is the most developed in the country: more than 200 IT companies are based in the city, and some of them are quite popular worldwide.

Cluj alone has more than 25,000 IT specialists. Interested in relocating to Cluj?



In general, IT salaries are above average, and even higher than in Bucharest in some cases. The job market is favorable here to both newcomers and experienced professionals.

Cluj has an excellent geographical location, close to the western Romanian border. There are direct connections to Budapest or Vienna by train, and the international airport, Avram Iancu, is the second-busiest in Romania after Bucharest’s Henri Coanda. It’s the most important airport in Transylvania’s historic region.

living in cluj

Walking on the central streets you will discover a young-hearted city, always-up-to-something, a major cultural and university hub full of creative energy and good vibes.

At close range to the city, some of the most gorgeous landscapes invite locals and tourists to chill or get active during the weekend: Cheile Turzii (Turda Gorges), Salina Turda (Turda Salt Mine), The National Ethnographic Park “Romulus Vuia” in Cluj-Napoca – the first open-air museum in Romania, Tarnita Lake, Bridal Veil Falls, Fantanele Lake, Hoia Baciu Forest, Adrenalin Park, and more.

Ski enthusiasts have a short drive: 12 km away from the city is the Feleacu Hills, where beginner and advanced skiers can hit the slopes and have fun in the Snowpark. Buscat Ski Resort, 54 kilometers from Cluj, has three slopes and amazing views.

You know what they say: “fain la Cluj” – and it’s all due to the city’s friendly residents who are passionate about living a meaningful life and open to new challenges.

In Cluj, there’s a calm you rarely find elsewhere; people love to stay connected and hang out with friends.

Since I relocated to Cluj, I no longer have to commute to work on public transportation. Instead, I walk 30-minutes to the office every day. This way, I have enough time to admire the surroundings and clear my head.

I also love the fact that everybody is friendly, less stressed, or in a hurry. I feel this in my everyday life, but especially at work – I found the most welcoming colleagues in Pentalog Cluj.

  • Why is living in Cluj such a blast?

“I really like that time is valuable here and no one is in a hurry.” – Mihaela

“I love that in Cluj you have so many places with amazing views, and the surrounding areas are breathtaking, on top of that it’s worth mentioning that the people are very kind.” – Mihai

“It is a city that can hardly be summarized in a sentence because of its youthful vibe, cultural events, festivals, and work opportunities present at every corner.”  – Mihai C.


Move to Cluj and Be Part of a Happy Family

After eight years, we moved into a new home, one that accommodates the growing team. Lately, co-workers from Bistrita-Nasaud, Turda, Targu Mures, Sibiu, Bucharest, and other cities have joined us. Everybody is welcomed! Our colleagues are helping with the transition any way they can.

The new office is great, and the projects are exciting. We’re working for international clients, use modern tech stack and Agile methodology to get the job done, and every now and then, we get together for tech events and to celebrate.

move to cluj - pentalog team

Join a smart team and experience a fulfilled professional life with Pentalog!

I have some excellent news for you! We’re hiring!
So, if you want to join us and move to Cluj, we’ll help you relocate here and award you with an electric scooter after settling in.

Check out some of our job openings:

  1. Full Stack JavaScript Developer for an expanding FinTech company
  2. Java Developer for one of the largest travel-dedicated platforms in the world
  3. Test Manager for Europe’s no. 1 sportswear manufacturer and retailer

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