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Pentalog .NET Developers Lay the Foundation for the Future of HR

Sebastian Lupu
Sebastian Lupu
IT Industry Project Consultant

.NET Developers at Pentalog have a really cool IT project on their hands.

One that gives them both pride and satisfaction. It’s a great opportunity that comes with its fair share of challenges, to be expected when working with a very demanding client in the HR field.

The most important piece of this puzzle is the team of specialists who have been working tirelessly to come up with fresh new ideas, regularly. It goes without saying that our .NET developers working on this project have strong technical skills. But, something that shouldn’t be overlooked is their solid work ethic and true agile management.

It is because of this goals are being set and achieved on a daily basis.

.net developers

Teams work together both on site & remotely with occasional meetings organized to review and plan tasks.

“As a tech guy, the most important thing for me is to work on interesting and challenging projects alongside people who like to get involved. If we also use the newest technologies, then it is perfect. In Pentalog, where I have been working for more than 6 years, the challenges keep on coming, so there’s no time to get bored.”, says Adi, Senior Microsoft Developer.

.NET Project uses Cutting Edge Technology

Adi is part of a welded development team that just keeps on growing at Pentalog’s delivery center in Brasov. Since the project’s kick off almost three years ago, lots of things have changed, so our Pentaguys had to adjust and find solutions. But, no guts, no glory – right?

As the scope of the project widened, so did their efforts.

The development team works with cutting edge technologies like, ASP.NET, MVC/web forms & API, React.JS, Knockout js, JavaScript, architecture with N layers. At the same time, our Pentaguys make sure to prioritize code quality with Unit Testing being an important task in their daily activities.

Trust – A Key to Business Growth

At the start of the collaboration in 2015, 5 Pentaguys were assigned to this project. The plan was to work alongside the client for just a few short months.

Now over 20 Pentaguys and Pentagirls work to plan, design and implement new versions of the application’s core module. Why? Communication. The team also continues to create new user experience software and redesign existing functionalities from related modules to include them in the new workflow for better user experience.

The cool thing about this .NET project is that the development team has the freedom to suggest and create innovative design of the modules. .NET Developers work in self-organizing & cross functional teams. This means that from time to time, the teams all meet in one place to assess the job done and discuss next steps. The process is both productive and fun, says Adi.

Team Power Makes a Product Better

It’s a challenge to work in cross-functional teams in 2 different countries. In this particular case, the client has a special dedicated team of technical architects who offer support and guidance to the other teams. They also update the tools and frameworks used by all team members, focusing on what works best for everyone. This increases the productivity of the team and improves the security of the application. Win-win.

Teams use the Agile methodology and turn to Product Owners and Scrum Masters for guidance and planning. Most teams are composed of four .NET developers and one Quality Engineer.

Here’s how the Agile flow takes place for this .NET project:


  • The progress of the sprints can be seen and administrated in Atlassian Jira software. This tool helps the team plan sprints, document user stories, tasks, spikes and any technical debt.
  • For reporting purposes, the team uses Jira to monitor and discuss different KPIs.
  • Teams have daily scrums, refinement, planning, demos and retrospective meetings.
  • To efficiently share information and collaborate, all team members instant message with Microsoft Teams application. There, they create multiple groups and channels with people on the same team or to discuss specific topics.
  • In order to store and share information in a more structured way, teams use Atlassian Confluence.

“The great thing about this team is that we learn one from the other by sharing our knowledge every day. Together we take decisions and code review each other. The client challenges us to find the most reliable and extensible solution, not the fastest one. Because a lot of us work at the core of the client’s solution, we are always encouraged not to hurry when developing but take our time and do the things right. In the end, we are very proud of the code we write every day.”, says Adi.

Deliver a Solid Product, Efficiently

Consistency with industry best practices are an important part of our day to day work. With regard to Adi’s team, they consider themselves lucky because the level of collaboration with the client helps them deliver a reliable product in a timely manner.

One Pentaguy says,

“For every new functionality we create or important bug we fix, we create integration tests and unit tests on the back-end and on the front-end. The automated UI tests created by our technical QA help us discover regressions in the application. Based on these and other automated processes that are in place, we are able to deliver the application in production every week.”

Delivering Excellence

In short, the collaboration is a success. The team reached market standards by delivering significant and long awaited functionalities to the end client. Now, our .NET developers are focusing on improvements and additions.

The team is able to deliver complex and user-centric features not only because they possess the technical expertise, but because they truly understand client needs and continue to foster strong collaboration between teams.

“I strongly believe that with what we do we significantly improve the everyday work of HR personnel. In the same time, this application helps the company in the standardization and creation of processes, so this means better planning and lower chances of mistakes.”, explains Adi, our experienced Pentaguy.

The team working for this client continues to grow larger still. Newer features are planned to be implemented and released. The client also plans to create another team within the next few months, using Microsoft .Net Core framework.


Interested in joining our team of .NET developers? Apply now!

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