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Pentalog’s Most Successful Careers: This is Us!

Georgiana Asanache
Georgiana Asanache
Recruitment Manager

Have you ever wondered about the stories behind the professionals at Pentalog? They host PentaBAR events in your city and other online tech meetups powered by Pentalog. These talented men and women write the blog articles on our website, create the roadmaps for PentaStagiu, and much more.

We’re sharing Pentalog’s most successful careers as part of a new series of articles depicting the lives of ordinary people, like you and I, who became remarkable through how they think, live, and act. Most importantly, they take advantage of opportunities and rise to challenges.

PENTALOG's most successful careers_PilotEpisode

These stories are authentic and highlight the most successful careers  in our company – my colleagues who work in Pentalog’s offices all around the world. They’re developers, marketers, managers, and customer care representatives. I’ve been with the company for many years and know them quite well, witnessing their drive to succeed.

“Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.” – Charles R. Swindoll

This quote embodies Pentalog’s journey for so many of us: diverse and exquisite.

You may ask why. Although we keep an eye on business results and productivity KPIs as a measure of our teams’ efficiency, our success is also the result of continuous learning opportunities and professional challenges. It’s about the people who have your back in tough times and make you feel valued, who celebrate your success and inspire you during challenging times.

Some of my coworkers have become my friends along the way, and everyone knows that having close people with whom you genuinely connect is one of the best perks of working on a team.

Many people at Pentalog share my opinion. They also believe that working for this company is an adventure worth living, with totally unexpected career shifts, opportunities for purposeful travel, encountering new opportunities, pioneering, leading projects, making lifetime friendships, and turning, day by day, into a more harmonious self.

Have you found the perfect place for your professional development? Take a peek; we don’t mind!

After many years of intense activity as a recruiter, seeing how people take responsibility for their jobs and even doing much more in times of crisis, I can truly say that the power of any company lies in their employees’ capabilities and motivation to succeed.

Times have changed. Once we’ve met massive disruption, we know to look beyond appearances and search for that special skill in some people to remain professional and even creative in difficult times.

For what it’s worth, PentaGuys are also known as fighters

My colleagues have proven that no pandemic can break us. We’re tougher than we thought – we’ve passed the test of time, of endurance, and the fear of unknown.

Let’s get better acquainted!

(To be continued. The first episode of the series is coming soon!)


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