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PentaStagiu Remote Brasov 2019: Mastering top professions – the first step to landing the job of your dreams


Getting a grasp of the hottest technical topics in the comfort of your own home sounds fun, doesn’t it? Take part in PentaStagiu Remote Brasov 2019 and in the next 3-4 months, you will accumulate enough knowledge to work in a real team of IT professionals!

Regardless if you are a student or a working professional who wants to change his/her career, it’s a great way to expand your horizons and lay the foundation for a new beginning.


In our opinion, everyone who is interested in IT should be offered an opportunity to do so. No more excuses! Learning remotely from the best professionals in the industry – you can do it!

Why do you need it?

  • You will grasp the basics of an IT profession
  • You will be able to find a job in the IT industry
  • You will have a diploma that is proof of your skills
  • You will gather enough information that can help you pass interviews for a junior position.


What is your field of interest?

We propose you to choose from the most wanted technical careers by recruiters! In 2019 it’s the 3rd edition of the PentaStagiu Remote Brasov 2019.


We started with 2 tracks (QA & .NET) when we organized it the first time, the following year we had 5 tracks (QA, .NET, React, Java, SoftSkills) and now we already have 6 tracks (QA, .Net, React, Java, Product Ownership, Angular).

Who is eligible for this edition of the PentaStagiu?

As one of our goals is to make this edition of the PentaStagiu accessible to as many people as possible, all you need is your complete dedication and determination to get to the end of it.

To be able to assist at all sessions and assimilate a great deal of information, participants should fit general requirements. So, you need to have a positive answer to the following questions:

  • Are you a Good English Speaker (Intermediate/Advanced)?
  • Are you able to organize your time wisely?
  • Are you willing to master new skills?
  • Do you have basic programming/technical knowledge?

But apart from that, these tracks have some specific requirements, must-have aptitudes we want you to have. Just check out the following requirements and see for yourself what track will bring you the greatest value!

  • Quality Assurance: interest and time investment in learning.
    Interested in QA? You can join the program here.
  • .NET: beginner skills at C#
    Do you want to learn more about .NET? You can register right now.
  • React: basic JavaScript, CSS and HTML knowledge
    Why React JS is gaining popularity, its key benefits and why to use it? Find it here.
  • Java: an elementary experience of coding in Java
    Java is back in trends. Join the Java track here.
  • PO: knowledge about Software Development, Agility, Scrum Framework and product ownership in a nutshell.
    Did you know that the Product Owner is the product value maximizer? It’s time to find out.
  • Angular: basic JavaScript, CSS and HTML knowledge
    AngularJS is a very powerful JavaScript framework designed and maintained by Google. It’s time for you to start learning it.

Trainings & workshops at PentaStagiu Remote Brasov 2019 will take place Monday – Thursday after work. Take a comfy seat in front of your device and enjoy your 5’oclock tea while discovering the hottest IT skills!

Have you already made your choice? If your answer is “Yes!”, welcome to PentaStagiu Remote Brasov 2019!

Keep an eye on our blog & social media for more information!!!


How did the last edition of PentaStagiu Brasov go?

To be short – it went very well! Just take a look at our numbers:

  • 20+ mentors
  • 50+ webinars
  • 100+ recorded training hours
  • 200+ assignments reviewed
  • 200+ pieces of feedback received
  • 400+ IT enthusiasts on 5 tracks

When we wrapped up, it was the perfect time for mentees & mentors to share their thoughts on PentaStagiu. Here are just a couple of nice feedbacks we got:

I joined this PentaStagiu program because I wanted to learn something new. My technical knowledge was basic, but with effort and with the help of the homework, I was able to learn a lot in a relatively short time. I think the most important thing is to enjoy what you’re doing and to be motivated.” – Crina, Java participant

Participating in the PentaStagiu program was a great experience for me because I like teaching the next generation of programmers. In the .NET course, I taught the participants about the basics of the C# language, creating simple programs and how to structure the programs better. My colleagues also taught more advanced topics including the creation of a web application.” – Ovidiu, .NET mentor


What’s next?

Together with our mentors, we decided to divide all tracks into 3 modules. Depending on the track, the content of modules will differ. Still, all of them will include theoretical information, practice, tasks & exercised for self-study and feedback from mentors.

To make it more fun, we will mix presentations, videos and lectures on what it means to do this job regularly and mentors will share from their accumulated experience how to overcome different obstacles.

In the end, everyone who participated actively in the program will be awarded with a diploma as a proof of the accumulated knowledge.


Registration is OPEN!

All you have to do is register & add your CV (LinkedIn CV will also work). The registration is open starting with today until the beginning of November. Hurry up! We are happy to see everybody, but the number of places is limited!

If you apply for one of the programming tracks or the PO track, you will receive a tech quiz. Just sit back and give your responses. After passing the quiz, you’ll receive a confirmation email saying you were accepted and the next 3 months you are going to spend with us.

In the first session, you will discover more about Pentalog, the structure of the programs and our working agreements.

See you soon!

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