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PentaStagiu Online: Sign Up for the Ultimate IT Internship Program

Ana Maria Păduraru
Ana Maria Păduraru
Product Owner

Get the knowledge you need for the IT career that you want!

For students, it’s crucial to take advantage of the best opportunities today to help jump-start a successful future career. Now, Pentalog offers you the chance you’ve been waiting for!

Participating in an internship is a necessary step for every student who wants to learn more about their career field or boost their résumé. PentaStagiu represents a practical approach following a logical path provided by the university.

This year, the 10th edition of PentaStagiu Iaşi will convene solely online, targeting upper-year students from universities with tech and mathematics curricula.

For one month, interns will follow an in-depth online program where they will dive into practical activities such as modern tech stacks and software development best practices. We also make the learning process easy with the help of a well-defined roadmap.

This year, mentors will lead four tracks: Java, PHP, Manual QA, and Front-End.


Registration is open! Apply now!


What should you expect from PentaStagiu?

PentaStagiu is the largest internship program in Romania and Eastern Europe, where top professionals share their experience and knowledge. The program provides an opportunity to understand the workflow and implementation of IT projects.

PentaStagiu has a vast history of helping students who are IT enthusiasts to gain the necessary skills to land their dream job. Since 2012, Pentalog Iaşi has provided the bright minds of tomorrow with the tools required to succeed in a continuously growing and demanding market.

A brief glimpse at PentaStagiu’s success over the past eight years:

  • 2500+ enrolled candidates
  • 700+ program graduates
  • 1000+ training courses provided
  • 90%+ hire rate after graduation




Who can participate in PentaStagiu?

Pentalog is very proud to partner with faculties and universities with great traditions in recommending IT enthusiasts who have amazing potential. Since Pentalog Iaşi provides our internship for the Moldova region, we’ve selected the finest higher education institutions from Iaşi, Suceava and Galaţi.

For this year’s PentaStagiu internship, we’re accepting applications from 2nd and 3rd-year students from:

  • The Faculty of Automatic Control and Computer Engineering in Iaşi (“Gheorghe Asachi” University)
  • The Faculty of Computer Science, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration & Faculty of Mathematics in Iaşi (“Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University)
  • The Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science & Faculty of Automation in Suceava (“Ştefan cel Mare” University)
  • The Faculty of Computers, Electrical Engineering and Electronics in Galaţi (“Dunărea de Jos” University).


Why enroll in Pentalog’s online IT internship program?

As the equivalent of specialized practice work, PentaStagiu provides the opportunity to learn first-hand from our Java, PHP, Front-End, and QA specialists turned mentors.

The program will concentrate on creating a strong base for your hard skills, while also focusing on developing the often neglected, yet vital soft skills, such as:

  • Communication
  • Research
  • Good command of English
  • Self-organization
  • Attention to detail

The one-month internship program will include weekly meetings, workshops and knowledge sharing sessions. Participants will learn about working in teams in an Agile environment as well as the project management process in an IT company. Mentors will guide students, evaluate their remote work, and monitor each student’s progress.

PentaStagiu is a well-rounded experience, offering students the chance to work in a junior position at Pentalog Iaşi. With a 90% post-program hire rate, Pentalog’s internship program helps us to find our future colleagues.

So, if you’re:

  1. A good English speaker
  2. A time management wiz
  3. Eager to improve your Java, PHP, QA or Front-End basic skills

Apply on our website until July 15th.


What do last year’s interns have to say about PentaStagiu?

  • “I applied for this internship because I was attracted to the programming language. I want to have a future in the IT field, and this experience seemed to be just what I needed. There was a pleasant atmosphere, we joked and we got along well with the mentors. I liked the experience of being part of a team and had the opportunity to see how it actually works in a company.”
    Even though he’s sorry it’s over, Alex concludes: “I am glad that I took part in this internship because I will have an advantage over those who did not participate; it will help me when I will get a job and in future university projects.”
  • Ionuţ enrolled in PentaStagiu because he “wanted to discover a new environment for developing software applications.”
    He continues, “The program was well structured in interactive courses. It was an exciting experience from which I learned to work in a team on a professional level.”
  • Bogdan says: “I registered to PentaStagiu out of the desire to learn more without having a very busy schedule. Initially, I did not have high expectations because I thought that there is not enough time to assimilate sufficient knowledge. But in the weeks that followed, I realized that the format is very good due to the at-home assignments, which motivated us to learn on our own.”
  • Alexandra: “I applied to PentaStagiu thanks to one of my college friends, and I’m going to be forever grateful for his suggestion. It was an experience that I will never forget. The course was really well built, with well-structured layers of information easy enough for us to harness. Constant feedback was really important for me to improve and grow. I appreciated the open knowledge sharing sessions regarding Agile thinking.”

Start your IT career plans today!

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