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Pentalog Named Advanced-Tier AWS Partner for Cloud Expertise

Guillaume POUSSEO
Guillaume POUSSEO
Head of Customer DevOps Services

Pentalog is proud to have been recently named an AWS advanced-tier cloud partner, building on our track record in project success, technical certification, and client satisfaction.

The AWS advanced badge demonstrates proven know-how managing cloud initiatives using AWS, the world’s leading cloud provider. According to AWS, “this vibrant, diverse network of partners can help you deliver greater value for your business, increase agility, and lower costs.”

Pentalog is one of a small number of French companies to achieve this level, even as we serve clients around the world with AWS cloud service.

AWS Partner

Earning the Advanced AWS Partner level testifies to Pentalog’s deep knowledge and expertise as a cloud-enablement partner of choice. Companies looking to transition can have complete confidence in our ability to guide them through this transformation journey while increasing competitiveness.

We have progressively built a strong team and demonstrated all the core competencies, including architecture and DevOps practices. We continue to invest in learning to stay ahead in this complex and ever-changing market.

In addition to total confidence in our skills, the Advanced level of certification also allows Pentalog clients to unlock financing and discounts to lower the costs of transition. These savings can range as 50% of the migrations costs plus a 10% discount on the infrastructure costs for the first year.

To learn how Pentalog can accelerate your cloud transformation, speak with one of our solution advisors:


Why choose AWS as a Cloud partner?

For more than 10 years, AWS has led the Cloud-provider market in adoption and innovation. Just last August, the technology research firm Gartner named AWS far and away the cloud leader in their magic quadrant report.

“Cloud adoption continues to increase as agile development, rapid deployment, and unlimited scale become the new normal for customers of all industries, sizes, and geographies,” Gartner wrote. “AWS is evaluated as a Leader placed highest in both axes of measurement.”

Rich, mature services, high levels of security, an extensive network– these are some of the reasons that won over well-known companies like Airbnb, Netflix, Lamborghini, and BMW.

To offer the best DevOps service to our customers, it seemed clear and logical that we needed to partner with the leader of Cloud providers.

According to AWS, the partners network “is a global community of partners that leverages programs, expertise, and resources to build, market, and sell customer offerings.” Becoming an AWS partners, particularly at the advanced level, means meeting strict, transparent criteria.

How did we demonstrate advanced-level capabilities?

  • Our Cloud expertise, with 20+ AWS projects carried out in 2021
  • The skills growth of our DevOps engineers, who have validated 20+ AWS certifications
  • Our ability to meet customer success requirements, with maximum satisfaction rates

IT excellence within the reach of all companies

The advanced level of partnership is a sign Pentalog’s skills with the AWS environment, but it also brings other benefits we pass to our customers, both financial and technical.

  1. Financial support for migration. This offer is subject to eligibility conditions, but as long as the project complies, companies can save thousands.
  2. Credits for Solution Development. The AWS Promotional Credits system works like discount codes. The system allows companies to develop solutions on AWS at a reduced cost.
  3. Free access to AWS architects. In some cases, migrations may benefit from support from senior AWS experts, which Advanced partners can access at no cost.
  4. Access to Exclusive Resources. Advanced partners access exclusive resources (workshops, information, courses) to help teams build Cloud skills and autonomy.

For companies looking to shift to the AWS cloud, Pentalog’s top-level service brings financial savings, in addition to the confidence of knowing that the work will be done right. Pentalog is also highly skilled with the Microsoft Azure or Google cloud platforms.

To learn how Pentalog can accelerate your cloud transformation, speak with one of our solution advisors:

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